Seven Reasons Why Dating Your Best Friend Is A Great Idea

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Some of the happiest, healthiest relationships come from close friendships. With this in mind, it may already make sense that dating your best friend could be a great idea. After all, the foundation for a fulfilling relationship is already set so that you can move on to the other more enjoyable parts of a relationship. Most people report that their long-term partner is their forever best friend, so you may already be a step ahead of the game! The big question is, should you date your best friend? In this article, we’ll be exploring seven different reasons why dating your best friend could be a great idea.

Running into conflict in your relationship with your best friend?

You accept each other's faults

We are all imperfect creatures. When you find someone who accepts your faults and still loves you regardless, try to keep that person close. Dating your best friend means that you are forming a relationship with someone who already knows your quirks and imperfections. This person has likely seen you at your worst and has still decided to continue to pursue a relationship with you. That kind of loyalty can be valuable, and it can also help the relationship grow into a beautiful romance as long as you’re both willing to do the work to get there. 

You may also know exactly what you are signing up for when you start dating your best friend. You already have a history and an understanding of this person's ins and outs. While new lovers may find something along the way that they didn't expect regarding their partner’s personality, this may not be the case for you. You can rest easy knowing that you can trust your best friend with your heart. While you are both less than perfect, as all humans are, together, you can build a relationship that thrives. 

You already trust each other

When you start a new relationship, you and your partner immediately start building trust with one another. If you choose to go this route with a stranger, you will likely have some work to do before you get to the point in which you trust them completely. When dating your best friend, you may have already jumped this hurdle. You likely already have a firm basis of trust and love among one another. This can not only put you one step ahead but may also help you in other aspects of your relationship as well. Trust and reliability are learned habits that can take time to develop. You might not have to waste as much time worrying about this when you are dating your best friend.

When you trust the person that you are with, much of the guesswork can be eliminated. You probably won't feel the need to know their every move or wonder if they’re being unfaithful. Since you are familiar with each other's character from the beginning, you can rest easy at night, knowing exactly what place you hold in one another's hearts. The joy and serenity you may feel from this can make it well worth it when moving forward with dating your best friend.

You communicate effectively

In new relationships, learning to communicate effectively with one another can be a learning curve. If you choose to date someone that you don't already know intimately, you may run into some roadblocks along the way. Dating your closest friend could be a way to avoid this altogether. You probably already have experience dealing with each other in a variety of scenarios. You likely also have an idea of what makes each of you tick. This way, you can avoid arguments before they even begin. This can be a useful tool to have at your disposal since it may allow you to avoid a lot of the stress that comes with learning to talk to a new partner in a relationship.

When you are already communicating effectively, your relationship may have an increased probability of success in the future. The two of you may feel more equipped to handle any issue or argument that comes your way. This can eliminate much of the stress that couples feel when they come across a disagreement. 

You've already been out together

The most nerve-wracking part about dating someone new may be the first date. It can be awkward and uncomfortable, which can be unpleasant for anyone. When you decide to try dating your closest friend, you don't have to worry about this. You are already comfortable enough with one another that you can enjoy yourselves while on dates without any awkwardness or uncomfortableness. The conversation can also flow freely; you can enjoy minimal awkward silences and have plenty to talk about. You can go straight to enjoying one another's company and reveling in the presence of your new relationship rather than worrying about what to say next. 

Additionally, you can also start the relationship with insight into what things you can do together that you will both enjoy. Since you have already spent time learning what interests you have in common, you can plan dates that are fun and memorable for both of you with more ease. 

You might know each other’s families

One of the scariest parts about being in a new relationship can be meeting the family. This is a common source of anxiety, stress, and even fear. It is usually important in a relationship for you to be able to get along with your partner's family. When you are already best friends with this person, you probably already know and love their family. This can be one of the greatest benefits of dating your closest friend. 

When you date your best friend, you’ve likely had time to get to know their family and understand what they’re like. They may already be used to having you around, so there may be little reason to fear spending time with them. Perhaps you already know the ins and outs of holidays and what night they cook your favorite dinner. Instead of having to learn about several different people at once, you may be able to sit back and simply enjoy spending time with them. 

You might even already feel like part of the family, so the decision to make your relationship more romantic could be the cherry on top. Maybe you already know what to buy everyone for Christmas, what the rules and expectations are in the home, and how to talk to the family in a way that’s both respectful and fun. The resulting relationship can be one that is full of love and laughter from everyone. 

You can have fun together

You are best friends for a reason. One of the most likely reasons for that is you have fun together. Fun and laughter can be the basis for any happy, healthy, and successful relationship. Laughter releases serotonin, the happy chemical, to the brain. When you choose to date someone who brings laughter into your life, you are also choosing to have an improved outlook on many other aspects of your life. The person that you spend most of your time with can indeed determine a lot about how you feel and act. If you’re in a relationship with your best friend who brings a lot of joy to your life, it’s likely you’ll feel it in lots of different places. 

Having fun together can be one of the best parts of being in a relationship. If you aren't having fun with your partner, it can cause conflict, boredom, or other negative feelings in the relationship. Finding someone you can laugh with is a goal that many people want when looking for a relationship. In your case, you might have gotten lucky. The person you may be spending the rest of your days with could be right in front of you. 

You support one another

Support and understanding are often two key points of any close friendship, but romantic relationships also need these things to be successful and happy. When you already know how to support one another, you may be bound for a more harmonious relationship. Not only that, but you can discover the areas in which your new partner needs support right off the bat. Being friends with someone for some time before dating means that you've spent time getting to know their insecurities and fears. Armed with this knowledge, you can strive for a fulfilling and happy relationship that can stand the test of time.

Running into conflict in your relationship with your best friend?

Online counseling with Regain

Dating your best friend can be rewarding, but that doesn’t mean it’ll come without challenges. With Regain, you don’t have to work through those problems on your own. Regain is an online counseling platform that lets you meet with a therapist from anywhere you have an internet connection. New romantic relationships can be time-consuming, especially when you want to spend every free moment with your significant other. This can make it difficult to prioritize things like therapy. With online therapy, you can still get the support you need without ever having to leave your house. You can continue to enjoy your time with your new love interest while also taking care of yourself in the ways you need. 

The effectiveness of online counseling

Online counseling has been proven to be effective in addressing a variety of mental health concerns. According to one study, an online intervention successfully increased participants’ self-esteem and reduced their feelings of loneliness, which could be helpful for those navigating the dating scene. Participants in this same study experienced a reduction in psychiatric symptoms, and these outcomes were still maintained 6 weeks later. Whether you’re dating your best friend or not, online counseling could be valuable for those who need support while searching for a romantic relationship. 


Dating your closest friend can come with risks, but it also brings with it many potential benefits. While it may be difficult or scary to make that transition from friends to romantic partners, you might find it to be worth it in the end. New couples can face plenty of hurdles, but they may be easier to navigate when you have a solid foundation of friendship to help you through them. Still, if you or your significant other are struggling at any point, help is available. Regain can offer individual or couples counseling from the comfort of your home so that you can create a happier, healthier relationship.

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