What Are The Most Important Stages Of Dating?

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With today's digital advances, your next date could be just a click away. The surplus of dating sites and digital apps make it easier to find a prospective mate. Browse a few profiles to find someone who  similar interests, and suddenly, you're on a date. This is only one approach to dating, as the traditional way of asking someone out on a date still exists. However, if it's been a while since you've been on a date or you're just not too comfortable asking someone out, dating may seem like a science or foreign language.

Dating should be fun, exciting, and adventurous, but it can also be challenging for some people. The biggest challenges present themselves because people are more concerned about what the other person wants out of the relationship than their own goals with dating. Dating is different for everyone. Some people date to have fun, companionship, or someone to good times within life. Others date in the hope of building or establishing a healthy and happy relationship.

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Regardless of the reasons, it helps to grasp the concept of the most important stages of dating. There are a variety of categories that classify certain stages of dating. It's not always easy to categorize them into one class. To keep it simple, let's approach the open phases and closed phases of dating. The open phases of dating tend to progress like a storyline, in that it follows a certain order. The closed phases of dating are the exact opposite, in that they tend to work towards an ultimate end.

Closed dating phases usually occur when you navigate certain stages of dating too quickly or if outside influences impact a current stage and cause a couple to move on to the next. In hindsight, closed dating phases have an almost predictable ending, but the couple goes through the motions for the moment.

Here are a few closed-phase stages of a dating relationship

The not-so-promising one-night stand

It is important to understand that a one-night stand is not the same as a night of passion. You should know that a one-night stand is exactly as it implies, only for one night. There would be no future in it if one or both parties involved had intentions of only hooking up for a one-night stand. It is important to express or examine your expectations before a one-night stand, especially if you see it as a prelude to a relationship.

 Friends with benefits

This is a common phrase that is often established between two friends who want to pursue a sexual relationship. The keyword is sexual because it is established with boundaries that nothing more will develop. While this is not always the case, because you can't always control your feelings, this phase should never be started with false hope.

Most importantly, don't allow yourself to accept this phase to get your friend to develop feelings and hopefully begin a relationship with you. This will only make it more challenging to move forward in a real relationship if you're hoping for something more to grow from this phase.

The romantic interest that’s really just a friend

This phase is closed but different from the others. This describes a situation where there was a lot of flirting, a little interest, but maybe no chemistry. It quickly develops into a friendship. There are several reasons that this occurs.

In some cases, people are just extremely nice, making them seem like the perfect partner, but they're really just a friend. It's important to be involved with a nice person, but a relationship requires more. There may be other things about that person that aren't appealing or that you aren't attracted to enough to date them. You may find that it's easy to be friends with them but not interested in dating them. The reality is this. Flirting and talking with a friend is sometimes fun but doesn't always indicate that you should be dating them.

 You're not dating

You're on the rebound. This is a risky and sometimes hurtful phase that people encounter when dating. It's common for a person who has just come out of a relationship to seek ways to help them get over the other person. You may think that it's dating as usual, but if a person is coming out of a relationship, they may not be fully committed to the new person they're dating.

Usually, when this happens, it's difficult for the other person to see that someone is using them as a rebound because they're mesmerized with the idea of dating altogether. The dating cycle goes well until the person decides to resume life with the former person they dated or to move on with life without you.

The stand-In

Ouch! This one may be familiar to almost everyone at some point. It's when a person only dates you when it's convenient for them. You are the person that they call because they need a date for a certain event and don't want to go alone. You may be the person who they call when going out with a group of friends who all have dates. But, other than those times, they never call you. You're not dating to build a relationship. You're merely a person of convenience to them. They call you when necessary, but there's not much more to the relationship or lack thereof.

The opposite of closed phases of dating is open phases that could eventually lead to a relationship. Here are a few open phase stages of a dating relationship.

The Flirtation Zone. This is common and one of the easily recognized stages of a dating relationship. Flirting can be fun and lead to much more if both parties agree. It's the first hint that a person does to show that they are attracted to someone. It usually occurs subconsciously the instant you see a person that you're attracted to. It's a key player in the game of dating and somewhat of a prerequisite to the first date.

Pay attention to how the other person receives or returns your flirtation. Use their reaction as a scale to ensure that you don't overstep the boundaries. Be careful not to spend too much time flirting. After a while, they may think that you're only a flirt and not interested in a date.

Need a place to discuss dating - or something else

 The impression stage

This takes place after flirting and the moment the first date is extended and accepted. You must make sure that you're impressive enough to get a second date. Treat your date nicely, make nice gestures, and do little things to encourage a romantic relationship. This is the phase where both parties should be displaying traits that make the other person want to pursue them in a relationship.

Engage in interesting conversation, compliment your date on their efforts to make a date memorable, and make sure they're comfortable during the date. Don't be too aggressive or come off as too anxious, as this could be a turnoff when dating.

The physical stages of a dating relationship

After you've flirted, impressed, and gotten to know your date, things may begin to progress into something more. One or both of you may be thinking about the physical phase of dating. It's a good idea to make sure you both are on the same page and want to form a physical connection. At this point in the dating process, a comfort level should have been established, making it easier to approach or discuss this phase.

Time To Introduce Them To Your Parents. This is a phase that some look forward to, while others cringe at the thought of. Once the proposal comes along to meet the parents, it could be a scary thing. It may be a sign that it's time to further take the relationship or that their approval is needed before things get too serious. In either case, the desire is there to move further along in the relationship.

It's best to make a good impression when meeting the parents. If there are no intentions of taking the relationship further, you may want to hold off on meeting the parents until you're sure you want to take it further.

Make It Exclusive. If you're comfortable with where you are in the relationship, it may be time to make it exclusive. This phase takes place before the engagement or wedding bells. It's a phase that permits the two of you to become closer and grow as a couple. You become more engaged in each other's lives and work to help each other reach their goals.

In the beginning, the stages of a dating relationship could seem like tiny steps, and you become eager to take bigger steps. Be mindful of the stages, don't rush things, and you should be able to coast through each open stage without fault.

If you're considering or in a dating relationship, a therapist can help you navigate through your feelings to understand your goals regarding dating better.

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