Important College Dating Advice That You Should Know

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Going to college can be an exciting time in your life. Many people also get excited about being able to freely date in college, potentially without their parents looking over their shoulder. It can be a great time to get to know yourself, and you might be able to build a strong romantic connection with someone. 

Meet new people

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Meeting new people might be one of the most fun parts of being in college. You can be exposed to people that might be much different than those who you went to high school with. This can help you to learn about the world, and it can also just be fun to get to know new friends and potential partners. 

You might want to go out of your way to try to meet people in fun ways. You'll probably naturally meet people in college due to attending classes together and going to study sessions. It can also be good to spend time doing extracurricular activities to meet new friends and people who you might be interested in dating. Getting out and doing some fun social stuff can be appropriate, and it should be healthy so long as it doesn't get in the way of your schooling.

Joining a club or sports team

Joining a club or sports team can be a good way to meet new people as well. You may be able to meet people in a more relaxed environment by joining a club at the school. Different schools might have different clubs, but there can certainly be many opportunities to have fun. You can also make new friends by playing sports, and you may also be put into many different social situations. 

Having fun doing what you love

Having fun doing what you love can be another way to meet people during college. For example, some people love music and go to see bands or artists perform live. Most college towns tend to have a good music scene, and there may be plenty of opportunities to go see bands play. Doing the things that you love can naturally allow you to meet people with similar interests.

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Practice safe sex

If you're going to be dating multiple people during college, then be especially vigilant about practicing safe sex. 

Practicing safe sex can be very important. If you're planning on being sexually active during your time in college, then always be sure to be safe about it to avoid unwanted pregnancy, STD’s, and STI’s. You might aso want to get checked regularly for sexually transmitted diseases just in case. 

Do what works for you

Peer pressure doesn’t just happen in high school. Sometimes in college, you might feel pressure to date many people and not settle down with just one person. Or maybe you’ll feel pressure to find a partner, or not date anyone at all! 

Just remember that there is no correct answer when it comes to dating. It’s always more important to do what you feel comfortable with. And that doesn’t just go for dating—don’t let pressure get to you to a point where you are doing or trying anything that doesn’t feel true to you. 

Also remember to focus on upkeeping the quality of your learning and studies so that you can get the most out of your years in education. 

Look for someone with the same values

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Finding someone with the same values can make a big difference if you do want to date seriously. If you're more interested in finding someone to have a deep bond with, then you should take your time to find someone who matches up well with your values. This can ensure that you're more compatible overall, and it should help the relationship to thrive.

Don't be afraid to reach out to counselors

If you're managing anxiety or depression due to having relationship problems, then there may be professionals who can help you. Whether you're dealing with heartache or you simply need advice on how to proceed with a romantic relationship, online therapists can be an important resource. In fact, one study showed that online therapy can be extremely effective in reducing the psychological distress of university students. 

Online couples counseling can be perfect for helping relationships to reach the next level. It can make it easier to learn how to communicate with each other better. Online therapy is very discreet compared to in-person therapy, and you can reach out at any time. Don't hesitate to make contact if you want to get help with solving relationship problems.


College can be a great time for deep conversations, socializing, and fun. But maintaining a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship can be challenging at any phase of life. If you do find yourself in a relationship and have questions about making it work, then consider meeting with a counselor through Regain. You can meet with a counselor alone or with your partner. Even if you meet alone, studies show that there is a direct tie between your mental health and the quality of your romantic relationships. And if you do decide to participate with your partner, note that one survey showed that 95% of couples who engage in online therapy say that it has been “helpful.” Reach out to Regain to learn about all the many ways it can benefit your relationship.

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