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Virtually everyone is striving to improve their romantic relationships in one form or another. This transcends age, race, socioeconomic status, and other variables. Even couples who appear to have everything in place can likely think of at least one area which is in need of improvement.

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Thankfully, just about anyone can improve their relationship. However, both partners must be on the same page and willing to take the necessary steps. Relationships furthermore demand give-and-take; one individual cannot have his or her way all the time in a successful relationship. Sometimes, sacrifices and compromises have to be made.

Many people who aspire to improve their relationships often turn to authentic dating and relationship advice or motivational speakers who appear to have all the answers. Those who use online dating apps are searching for best online dating tips. However, before one can understand the ins and outs of bettering their relationships, they must first know which elements create the foundation for a successful romance.

The Makings of A Successful Relationship

Psychology Today cites mutual respect as the first and foremost indicator of healthy, successful relationships. Both people in the relationship should hold one another in high esteem and value their qualities, traits, and accomplishments. Mutual respect does not mean that both parties will always agree with one another; however, it does mean that each person will treat the other with love and kindness. Relationships which lack mutual respect are bound for inevitable failure.

Next comes the ability to argue with one another without fighting. Many people view arguing and fighting as synonymous, but in reality, there are several factors which distinguish the two behaviors from one another. While fighting typically consists of screaming matches, items being hurled across the room, and other unhealthy behaviors, arguing occurs when the people in the relationship disagree with each other, yet convey their viewpoints in a respectful, mature fashion. A degree of arguing is healthy for any relationship. Romantic partners who never argue with one another may be suffering from underlying, less apparent issues.

Similarly to mutual respect and occasional arguing, trust and honesty are critical parts of successful relationships, affirms The Huffington Post. For two people to make it as partners, there has to be confidence and assurance in one another. Trust is furthermore sustained and maintained by both parties being honest with one another and not omitting even the smallest facts or details. If one or both parties fail to be honest and forthcoming with one another, trust levels will ineluctably decline. A relationship without trust is a relationship that will fail at one point or another.

The Ins and Outs of Improving Relationships

Regardless of how much mutual respect, occasional arguments, trust, and honesty contribute to romance, there is always room for the betterment of relationships.

Proper Use of Technology

In 2018, technology plays a very significant role in relationships. Nearly everyone has at least one or more social media account. Millions of people use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other popular platforms on a daily basis. Some even have blogs. Maybe you're thinking "Should I start a relationship blog?" Before doing so, weigh its pros and cons. While technology does have its upsides, like all things, when misused or abused, it can become a detriment.

Many people are avid social media users, which is why it won't be hard to combine technology and relationships. Individuals love updating their statuses, posting about their plans/activities, and otherwise showing the world how great their lives and relationships are. However, this may not always be the best course of action.

Heavy reliance or even addiction to various forms of social media can hinder people’s abilities to communicate with others in real life. Psychology Today affirms that isolation from others is a common ailment for individuals who become too engulfed or absorbed by technology. Sometimes, closing the laptop, turning off the iPad or cell phone and spending areal-life time with one’s partner can make all the difference in the world.

While the frequency of social media usage can drive a wedge between otherwise successful relationships, this is not the only potentially problematic factor that can arise from the technology. Some individuals are avid users of social media and love nothing more than their every move with their Facebook friends or Instagram/Twitter followers. There are some instances where this is appropriate and other instances where it’s not.

For example, a person who has just gotten into an argument with a boyfriend or girlfriend should not then go and tweet about it for the internet cyber world to see. Many people may view this as obvious, but unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this. Certain information, especially information which involves one’s romantic partner, should be handled between the two individuals, not the two individuals and everyone who keeps up with their social media profiles.

Bonding With Each Other

Countless studies have proven that one of the best ways for couples to strengthen their relationships is by partaking in mutually enjoyed activities and experiences. There are many ways for individuals to bond with their significant others. Some fun examples include volunteering, cooking, going on date nights, take classes together, or even scheduling a weekend getaway just for each other.

Bonding is one of the best ways to improve relationships. Not only does this allow both parties to partake in interests, but it also helps them get to know one another. Bonding also serves as an amazing form of intimacy. More often than not, people think of sexual activities when they hear or read about intimacy, but in actuality, having a meaningful conversation can be just as intimate as having sex, if not more so.

Effectively Communicating With Each Other

On the surface, effective communicate appears obvious to anyone who wishes to strengthen or improve their relationship. In reality, what is obvious is not always implemented. Many people hold off on communicating with their significant others on critical issues. Sometimes this is done as a means of avoiding arguments, confrontations or hurt feelings.

As well-intentioned as this thought process may be, the logic behind it is incredibly faulty. Certain conversations need to be held so that both people are on the same page. Failing to communicate with the person one has chosen to be in a relationship with can breed resentment, animosity, confusion. Communication is the backbone of any relationship, especially romantic ones.

Honoring Each Other’s Wishes

Within reason, people in relationships should do their best to honor the wishes and requests of their partners. Of course, this course of action comes with boundaries. For instance, if an individual’s significant other asks them to isolate themselves from other healthy relationships or to abandon their career or life’s work, the person should obviously decline and likely end the relationship. An individual who truly loves their partner will not attempt to cut them off from other people or urge them to abandon healthy activities such as hobbies, careers, etc.

However, there are certain circumstances where honoring the wishes or requests of one’s romantic partner is appropriate and advisable. An applicable case and point of a suitable request are if one party in the relationship asks their partner to spend more time with them.

Of course, most people are multidimensional beings and have a lot more going on than their romantic relationships. This is healthy, seeing as utter dependence on a romantic relationship can have considerably devastating side effects. However, individuals should not neglect their romantic relationships. As previously stated, balance and give and take are critical when people are in a relationship and dating. If a significant other asks their partner to spend more time with them, this request is important, and thus needs to be honoured at least some of the time.

One of the biggest relationship killers occurs when one or both parties feel neglected or uncared about by the individual who is supposed to be their romantic partner.

A Final Word

Take Your Relationship To The Next Level With Online Therapy

Dating and relationships are inherently complex. There are so many factors which determine whether or not the partnership will succeed or fail. While the outcome of a relationship is not wholly defined or determined by one party, there are still certain steps that both people can and should take if they are serious about the person they are dating.

Ultimately, trust, communication,  interest, and mutual respect are the foundation from which all dating advice stems from. Both people have to be willing to put in the work for the relationship to succeed and flourish. If only one or neither people are up for what it takes to be partners, they are unlikely to date for very long.

There are also certain cases where couples would benefit from mutually seeing a professional who can advise them on exact steps or changes to make for their specific relationship. Here at Regain, we are proud to offer therapy and counseling for not only individuals but also couples. Many people are wary about seeking professional help and wrongly believe that it is an indicator of weakness. In reality, the strongest people are the ones who are capable and willing to seek out help when necessary.

Do you desire to have a partner but don’t know how to be in a relationship? Regain is available for mutual couples and lone individuals that seek help regarding this matter. Ultimately, the decision is up to each person or party, but Regain will always be here as an option. Anyone who ever feels the inclination to get in contact with Regain for any reason whatsoever should do so by clicking here.

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