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Many people strive to improve their romantic relationships in one form or another. This transcends age, race, socioeconomic status, and other variables. Even couples who appear to have everything in place can likely think of at least one area which needs work. Just about anyone can improve their relationship, but both partners must be on the same page and willing to take the necessary steps to create change. Every relationship is different, and what works for one couple may not work for another. In this article, we’ll be discussing different pieces of dating advice that may be helpful as you build a strong, healthy foundation for a relationship with your significant other.

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The Makings Of A Successful Relationship

Trust can be one of the most vital aspects of a strong, successful, and healthy relationship. Without trust, many other parts of the partnership may struggle to sustain themselves. Trust can extend to communication, fidelity, finances, vulnerability, parenting, and more. 

Respect is another important quality that healthy relationships share. Both partners need to hold one another in high esteem and value one another’s qualities, traits, and accomplishments. Being treated with love and kindness can be expected. 

Finally, effective communication can be essential for a lasting relationship. Partners must learn how to talk to each other without fighting and work through disagreements as a team. While conflict is inevitable in any relationship, successful pairs know how to work out their problems together and mend their relationship when it goes through a rough patch. Being able to express oneself in a respectful, mature fashion can help ensure the health of the relationship. This means being open, honest, and vulnerable with one’s partner without holding anything back. 

The Ins And Outs Of Improving Relationships

Regardless of how much mutual respect, trust, communication, and honesty contribute to romance, there is typically always room for the betterment of a relationship. Consider the following advice as you work toward a stronger relationship with your partner. 

Make Time For Each Other

Countless studies have shown that one of the most effective ways for couples to strengthen their relationships is by partaking in mutually enjoyed activities and experiences together. There are many ways for individuals to bond with their significant other. Some fun examples include volunteering, cooking, going on date nights, taking classes together, or even scheduling a weekend getaway just for each other.

Bonding can improve relationships by increasing the emotional intimacy shared between partners. When couples can be vulnerable with one another, it can bring them closer together. Participating in hobbies or other shared activities can allow a couple to have fun individually and as a pair. This can be an important outlet in the relationship and something to look forward to that bring the couple together.


Practice Effective Communication

On the surface, effective communication may appear obvious to anyone who wishes to strengthen or improve their relationship. In reality, what may seem obvious is not always implemented. Many people hold off on communicating with their significant other on critical issues. Sometimes this is done as a means of avoiding arguments, confrontations, or hurt feelings.  

As well-intentioned as this thought process may be, the logic behind it can be incredibly faulty. Certain conversations need to be held so that both people are on the same page. Failing to communicate with the person one has chosen to be in a relationship with can breed resentment, animosity, and confusion. Communication can be the backbone of any relationship, especially romantic ones.

Talking about difficult topics like finances, parenting, sex, and more can help ensure that each person is showing up in the relationship as their authentic self. Effective communication doesn’t mean that there isn’t any conflict. In fact, couples who have strong communication skills may argue more. However, these couples ultimately know how to mend their relationship after a disagreement and can move forward knowing how their partner is feeling and where the relationship stands.

Honoring Each Other’s Wishes

Within reason, people in relationships typically do their best to honor the wishes and requests of their partners. However, this course of action comes with boundaries. Everyone has needs, and even though two people are in a relationship with each other, that doesn’t guarantee their needs will be similar. There is a difference between requests and needs, one of which may be a dealbreaker in a relationship if one partner cannot or will not meet it. 

For instance, it would be unreasonable if an individual’s significant other asks them to isolate themselves from other healthy relationships or to abandon their career or life’s work. An individual who truly loves their partner will not attempt to cut them off from other people or urge them to abandon healthy activities such as hobbies, careers, etc.

However, there are certain circumstances in which honoring the wishes or requests of one’s romantic partner is appropriate and advisable. An applicable case and point of a suitable request are if one party in the relationship asks their partner to spend more time with them. Usually, the partner being brought the request can make a few small adjustments in their daily routine to create more time for their significant other. 

Of course, most people are multidimensional beings and have a lot more going on than their romantic relationships. This is healthy, seeing as total dependence on a romantic relationship can have harmful side effects. However, it can be important that one’s romantic relationship isn’t neglected. Balance and give and take can be critical in a relationship. One of the biggest relationship killers occurs when one or both parties feel neglected or uncared for by the individual who is supposed to be their biggest supporter.

Proper Use Of Technology

Technology plays a very significant role in relationships. Nearly everyone has at least one social media account and many have more. Millions of people use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other popular platforms on a daily basis. While technology does have its upsides, like all things, when misused or abused, it can become a detriment.

Many people love updating their statuses, posting about their plans/activities, and otherwise showing the world how great their lives and relationships are. However, this may not always be the healthiest course of action. Heavy reliance on or even addiction to various forms of social media can hinder people’s abilities to communicate with others in real life, and isolation from others is a common ailment for individuals who become too engulfed or absorbed by technology. Sometimes, closing the laptop, turning off the iPad or cell phone, and spending real-life time with one’s partner can make all the difference in the world.

While the frequency of social media usage can drive a wedge between otherwise successful relationships, this is not the only potentially problematic factor that can arise from technology. For example, it can cause further problems when someone who has just gotten into an argument with their significant other goes and posts or tweets about it for the world to see. Certain information, especially information that involves one’s romantic partner, should be handled between the two individuals, not the two individuals and everyone who keeps up with their social media profiles. Having boundaries online can be just as essential as having them in person.

Take Your Relationship To The Next Level With Online Therapy

Online Counseling With Regain

Relationships can be rewarding and challenging all at the same time, but you don’t have to navigate them alone. With Regain, you can start individual and couples counseling according to your availability. Working with a relationship therapist, you and your significant other can learn how to overcome the obstacles you’re facing as a team. Life can get busy, especially if you have a demanding career or children to care for. With online counseling, you can still get the guidance you need right from your home through video chats, phone calls, or in-app messaging. Whether you and your partner are experiencing conflict or want to learn how to make your relationship even healthier, you can match with a therapist to help you in a variety of areas. It could be a helpful step toward the type of relationship you’re trying to create together. 

The Effectiveness Of Online Counseling 

Online therapy interventions can be helpful for couples experiencing relationship distress. In one study, researchers assessed the efficacy of a web-based couples therapy program called OurRelationship. Couples participating in the intervention “experienced significant improvements in relationship satisfaction as well as depressive and anxious symptoms.” Those who were in the high-support group had an even more pronounced decrease in their anxious symptoms, suggesting the importance of guided therapy in improving mental health. 

The Takeaway

Dating and relationships can be inherently complex, and many factors can determine whether the partnership succeeds or fails. While the outcome of a relationship is not wholly defined or determined by one party, there are still certain steps that both people can take if they are serious about the person they are dating. While all relationships look different, certain traits can predict the health and happiness of the individuals involved in any given relationship. These include trust, communication, intimacy, vulnerability, and mutual respect. Cultivating these qualities in a relationship can help ensure that it remains healthy. Couples struggling to foster a relationship they can be proud of could benefit from couples counseling. A therapist can offer advice, encouragement, and guidance as couples work through obstacles and reach their goals together. 

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