10 Things To Consider About Dating Younger Women

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Meeting a younger woman that is interested in you can make you feel like a million bucks. You want to do your best to make this relationship work, but you might be worried about whether you'll be able to keep your younger lover engaged in the relationship. Truthfully, many young women are drawn to older men (or women) like yourself. They are attracted to your maturity, and they love what you bring to the table. This means that you may not have to worry too much about their intentions, but there are still things you should know about dating a younger woman that will help the relationship go smoothly.

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Take a look at the following 10 things to consider about dating younger women. They may help you to cultivate a strong bond. Knowing a bit about what to expect will make it easier for you both to connect on a deeper level and understand each other.

The people in her life might not accept you at first

There will probably be people in her life who will find it weird that she is dating you. This is especially true when it comes to her family. Your younger girlfriend's parents might think that you are trying to take advantage of their daughter. Depending on how large the age difference is, you might be closer to her parents' age than you are to hers, after all. It could take some time to win them over and to convince them that you have noble intentions.

Usually, it's going to be easier to become friendly with her social circle than it will be to get to know her family. Just be honest and try to show that you're a good person. Over time, these people will get to know the real you, and they will see why you're dating their loved one.

Your friends might think the relationship is strange, too

Your friends might think it's strange for you to be dating younger women. There is a bit of a worry among some people that younger girls could be looking to use older men (or women). Certain girls might try to take advantage of an older partner by using them for their money. If you know that this isn't the case with the woman you're dating, you should be able to get your friends to warm up to your new partner eventually. Just don't be surprised if they're somewhat standoffish at first.

Generational differences

Generational differences can make the relationship a bit tougher at times, too. For instance, you might find out that you like different music than she does. This isn't too unusual since couples often have different musical tastes, but it could be like this in many different areas. Your favorite comedian might be Eddie Murphy or George Carlin, and she might be more of a Kevin Hart woman. The generational differences may result in you liking different things, but you can still find common ground.


These differences can also seep into how you interact with one another. She might be really into sending text messages and using emojis as a way to express herself. Perhaps she responds to your social media posts with GIFs or memes. That's pretty common among Millennials and those from Generation Z, but you might feel a bit out of the loop if you're a Gen Xer. Your differences don't have to be a bad thing, and you can come to understand each other over time.

Trying to keep up with her may not always be easy

Young people typically have more energy than older adults. This shouldn't come as a surprise to you, but you might have to put some effort into trying to keep up with her. If you want to be a good partner, then you're going to want to be able to take her out to have fun. She might be interested in going out dancing, and she could have the youthful energy to stay out there all night. The mere thought of this could make you feel tired, which is why it's a good idea to work on your physical fitness.

If you want to make a good impression, then putting effort into your fitness is smart. It can make keeping up with your younger lover easier, and it'll improve your self-confidence. There might be times where you will feel like an old person, but you'll be far less self-conscious if you get into great shape. Even if you aren't in amazing shape, she'll still appreciate you doing your best to keep up with her while showing her a good time.

You should want her for more than her looks

One of the reasons why you're so attracted to your young girlfriend is probably due to how pretty she is. It's fine to appreciate the beauty of younger women, but you shouldn't be dating someone simply because you think they're hot. If there isn't any substance to the relationship, it's simply going to fizzle out after a certain point. Please get to know your girlfriend as a person and appreciate everything that she brings to the table.

It isn't all about sex either

Having sex with a beautiful young woman can be very appealing. You can't be faulted for focusing on the sexual aspect of the relationship, but you shouldn't make that the focus of the relationship. You want your younger girlfriend to feel valued for more than just her body. Older people dating younger women can sometimes tend to focus too much on the physical aspect of things, but not everyone is like that.

Show her that you love her for more than just the great sex. The sex might be really good, and it's fine to acknowledge that. Just know that she has more to offer you than just a good time in bed. You can have a very nuanced and meaningful relationship. If you want to settle down with someone, you can find a younger woman who wants the same things you do and is willing to work to make the relationship a success.

Being self-conscious about your age isn't helpful

Remember that being self-conscious about your age isn't going to be helpful. Do not focus on determining the acceptable age difference in a relationship. Your girlfriend is attracted to you for a reason. You might have some insecurities about yourself, but it is important not to go overboard. If you keep bringing attention to your age, you may not seem like the confident and fun person she fell for. Understand that she loves you for who you are and that your age isn't something she worries about.

Online therapy can help you build healthy partnerships

Don't talk down to her

You also need to avoid talking down to her. There probably will be times when you'll know more about a topic than she does. You have more life experience than your girlfriend, and you might be better informed. Even so, it's not a good idea to talk down to her due to her age or inexperience. You need to show her respect and treat her as an equal.


As a younger woman, there is a possibility that your girlfriend might want to have kids someday. Depending on your age and life situation, you might have already been there and done that. Even so, you're going to have to consider whether you can commit to having kids with this woman if that is something that she wants. Once the relationship gets serious enough, it's a good idea to sit down to discuss this subject.

Career aspirations

Your younger girlfriend might not have an established career yet. If she is still in college, then there could be many things that will change for her in the coming years. Once she has her degree, you'll have to see if she can find a job in her desired field that allows her to stay in the city where you both live. If she needs to move somewhere else to pursue her career aspirations, this could challenge your relationship.

Much of her life is still ahead of her, and she needs to pursue her important goals. There is no reason that you can't be a part of that, but you will need to consider your wants and responsibilities. There is always a lot to consider when it comes to figuring out relationship goals. Knowing what she wants for her career is helpful when you're trying to map out a future together.

Discuss dating concerns in online therapy

If you're having a hard time making certain aspects of your relationship work, then it's worthwhile to reach out to online couples counselors. They have the right experience to help you work through any issues that you're having. These counselors help couples of all ages to develop stronger bonds. They can teach you how to communicate better, and you can become a better couple, ready to face the future together. Regain offers matches with licensed relationship therapists. You can meet with your therapist at a time and a place that works best for your schedule, and you can meet via text, phone, or video chat.

Online therapy has worked for many couples facing challenges. It has been found to be as effective as in-person counseling, and you may find a wider range of choices when looking for the right counselor for you.


Being able to get the right help is important when you're having a tough time. Going through counseling sessions online is an easy way to get help that can benefit your relationship greatly. If you love the younger woman you're dating, you should put forth the effort to make the relationship the best possible. You don't have to face your relationship issues alone, and you'll always be able to count on dedicated professionals to guide you.

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