10 Tips For Understanding How Guys Text When They Like You

Updated November 17, 2022 by ReGain Editorial Team

Our culture today is heavily reliant on text messaging. Gone are the days of calling someone or scheduling regular hang-outs. Instead, most communication takes place over text. Let’s think about this for a second, when was the last time someone you were interested in gave you a call, or when was the last time you picked up your phone and had a recreational talk with someone? One of the main challenges of texting is the lack of personality and intended inflection of tone. When we receive a message, we are reading it with our emphasis, our flair, which may not necessarily be the intended tone. This can be especially confusing when communicating with someone you are interested in but may not know very well.

Text Language Can Be Difficult to Decipher

Guys, in general, can be difficult to read. Somen flip-flop between hot and cold regularly, making it hard to know for sure whether they are actually into you or not. This includes how to talk to a guy over text. That’s a tough place because it significantly impacts how you interact with said person. If being in this place continually bothers you, try speaking with an online therapist to build up your self-esteem first. To help lift the veil and shed light on what goes on in the male brain, we’ll give you some important tips for understanding how guys text when they like you. Rather than sit around playing a coy game of texting ping pong, hoping to get him to say something directly, let’s try to decode ‘guy speak.’

Does Texting Help Or Hurt The Early Foundations Of A Relationship?

This is a difficult topic to discuss because we are such a texting-dependent culture. It offers an element of unaccountability, giving people more confidence when communicating with others. We also can think about responses before giving them, not having to necessarily think on our feet as we would when having verbal communication in person or over the phone. People have the best chance of putting their best foot forward through text compared to other communication alternatives.

Studies set out to learn more about whether it was possible to create a connection and get to know someone through text. One study showed that about 50% of participants found it easier to speak about personal topics via text. At the same time, most participants still felt they would prefer in-person conversations. This helps us learn that while texting may be the easier mode of communication, it is less effective when trying to create a significant connection. Even so, the way a man texts can indicate his feelings towards you through texting alone is not likely to spark something that lasts.

It’s Not As Easy As Saying “I Like You”

Unfortunately, for many men, ego and pride play a role in most of their actions. This is true when it comes to their texting etiquette with women they like. Fear of rejection causes them to try indirect approaches they can easily recover from if feelings are not reciprocated. It’s important to note that everyone has a different texting style, so not all of our tips may apply and are not a guaranteed sign they’re into you. However, that being said, many guys understand that a lot can go wrong via texting, so if they like you, they are likely going to put an extra effort towards making you like them. Let’s talk about a few subtle things you should look for when texting a guy that shows you he likes you.

Frequent Use Of Emojis

It’s almost going against ‘guy code’ to make regular use of emojis, so if he’s sending you a lot of them, he may be into you. There are emojis for just about everything these days, and if there isn’t, there’s more than likely an app to make up for it. Emojis are a safe way for him to show his playful side and lighten the tone, in case he knows you may not be completely aware of this type of humor or sarcasm. If this guy isn’t one for emojis, you may also notice his frequent use of “LOL,” which is usually a sign or defense mechanism to keep you from shying away or accidentally taking offense to something. In this case, you may also reply things to text a guy to make him laugh

He’ll Find Reasons To Text You.

There’s a lot of debate surrounding the topic of who should text first, how long one should wait before texting someone they’re into, or what you should say. If a guy is really into you, he’s probably struggling with finding the right balance so that he doesn’t come off as pushy but also doesn’t seem disinterested.

When a guy is interested in you, all bets are off, and he’ll be less likely to shy away from striking up a conversation. How often should a guy text? You may notice that he sends you a message first thing in the morning or spontaneously texts you late at night. Not only are you on his mind, but he’s hoping to keep himself on yours as well, and so he might even send long texts too. If he’s a proactive part of communications, that’s a major sign that he’s interested in you, and some of these cues are how guys text when they like you.

He Asks A Lot Of Questions

Some men love the sound of their voices. They enjoy being the ones to dominate the conversation and talk about themselves and their own experiences while not caring too much about hearing about you and your experiences. It shows a major sign of interest when a guy is proactive in learning about you. If he’s ready with some personal questions, it shows that he wants to learn about who you are and what you’re about. In his messages, he may even start asking weird, playful hypothetical questions, which is a sign that he is interested because he’s trying to be fun and creative, giving you both an opportunity to have fun while learning about likes and dislikes, seeing how well you mesh.

He Suggests Or Hints About Hanging Out

If a guy seems to be all text and no action, it’s a sign he likely that he enjoys your attention and having someone to pass the time with. There are, unfortunately, many instances where men like the idea of having a girl and going out on dates, but it never goes further than the virtual back and forth. We are all so plugged in that when we have a moment of downtime without a reason to check our screens, we panic. Some people like having others to chat with when this happens.

However, if a guy is texting you and either hints at hanging out or straightforwardly suggests you do, he shows signs of real interest. He may say something like, “Oh yeah, I haven’t seen that movie yet, either; no one I know is interested,” or “Maybe we should check out that movie sometime.” Even though these aren’t necessarily solid plans, it’s a way of him feeling you out and seeing how you respond or react to the notion of hanging out together and including you in his life. Try not to be too ‘hard to get’ in response to this sign since he is going out on a limb here and may be discouraged if you don’t seem interested. If you see potential or are interested in figuring out where things may go, say yes and give it a shot if a guy texts you to hang out. Who knows, it could lead to a relationship.

He Double Texts

This is another texting etiquette up for major debate. Some see double texts as a sign of being a bit overbearing and insecure, while others think it’s endearing to be on a person’s mind enough that they care to send a second message. If a guy cares enough to text you back after you haven’t responded, he is showing signs of liking you. While the guy is fully aware that sending more texts may make him seem desperate to some women, he doesn’t care because he likes you enough to make an effort. He’d rather take the chance than miss out on speaking with you entirely, and that’s a sign you should take into consideration.

He Isn’t The First To Send “Suggestive” Texts.

Ladies, we’ve all been there when a guy texts us. We think we like someone, we start messaging with them, enjoy talking to them and hoping they like us back, and then they either send a suggestive or crude photo or ask you for something suggestive through text messages. If this is a guy’s first instinct, it’s a sign he probably isn’t genuinely interested in you, and if you were to deny the request or shut down his advances, he would likely move right on to the next one. So, this isn’t one of the ways to tell how guys text when they like you.

A guy who likes you will respect you. He doesn’t think of you as a one-night accomplishment but has much more on his mind. That’s the end of it and a clear sign he likes you. He won’t be the first one to ask for or suggest anything crude or suggestive. However, if you decide to get a little flirtatious, then, of course, you can’t fault him for engaging. You can gauge his intentions by how he messages. If he seems a bit coy and conservative without being pushy, it’s one of the subtle things to pay attention to and a good sign he probably likes you.

He Responds Quickly

Yes, sometimes it’s that simple. If a guy makes an effort to text you back quickly after you’ve sent him a message, it’s a positive sign that he’s taking an interest. He could be messaging with several women, in which case, his response time would go down, but if he is making an effort to respond as soon as possible after you send text messages to him, it’s because he wants you to know that you’re a priority and he cares. He was honestly probably super excited that you messaged him and also looking forward to continuing your conversation, and therefore, the odds are, the guy likes you.

He Texts You Good Morning And Good Night

This sign may be very similar to the idea that a guy will not shy away from being the first to text, but it’s worth mentioning. If a guy makes an effort to send a morning or bedtime text, they think of you and want you to be thinking of them too. Think about it like this; if they’re sending you a ‘good morning’ message early in the morning, you were the first thought the guy had this morning. That should make you feel special and cared for, and it’s a good sign he’s interested in you. He took time out of his morning routine in his daily life to make you aware that he was thinking of you through that good morning text. A guy with no sign of interest in you won’t interrupt his morning or evening (when he’s probably dead tired) to send you a message.

He Isn’t Afraid Of Reviving A Conversation.

Sometimes, even when you hit it off with someone, and there is a clear sign that he likes you, there’s a little lull in the conversation where neither of you has anything actually to respond to. This creates an awkward situation where the conversation has died, and neither of you is willing to take the risk of restarting it. If a guy is interested in you, he will fall on that sword gracefully and look for ways to re-start the conversation, even with pointless ramblings or by asking a completely nonsensical question. He is proactive and bravely trying to make as much of an effort as possible because he likes you, and sending that first message again is a way guys do that.

He Works Hard To Make You Laugh Or Smile

Text Language Can Be Difficult to Decipher

If a guy goes the extra mile to fill your day with jokes, funny memes, or stories that make you laugh, his efforts show that he is interested in you. It’s a sign that he is investing time and energy into making you happy, and he wouldn’t do that if there weren’t some level of care. A guy who works to make you laugh wants to be the reason you have a good day, the reason you smile, the reason for your happiness. He may also try to create inside jokes and insert random compliments and cute nicknames here and there to get your spirits up.

Guys can sometimes be very hard to read; the confusion is completely understandable. It’s often difficult to tell if they’re just ‘playing it cool’ or actually into you. Even though many of them may not be comfortable wearing their hearts on their sleeves and just coming out and saying they like you, you can still look for little hints along the way, especially in the way they text message you. If a guy is taking the extra second or minute to make an effort during your text conversations, he’s into you and wants to be more than just friends. Pay close attention to each sign and these little details, and they should become clearer. If you’re interested in learning more about how to read guys and find out more about whether your crush is into you, visit www.regain.us/start, where you’ll be able to gain new insight into the opposite sex and what they mean versus what they put out on the surface so you can improve your love life.

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