What Is The Average Age Of Marriage By State In The U.S.?

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Sometimes it can feel like you're pressured to get married. This is especially true if all of your friends are getting engaged or married and you are not close to such a milestone. Each state in the U.S. varies a bit in its average age of marriage, but it might offer some insight into whether or not you are truly running out of time. It might also identify a trend within successful, lasting marriages - perhaps age, premarital counseling, or other aspects count towards a forever marriage.

If you're wondering if you are getting married too young, premarital counseling might be something for you to look into. There are a variety of ways to go about this - including online premarital counseling! Regain is a qualified counseling option if that is the route you choose to go to. Nevertheless, the following average age of marriage by the state might help your assessment!

National Average Age Of Marriage

Every Person And Relationship Moves At Their Own Pace.

In the United States, the average age of marriage has made an upward trend over the last several years. Where your parents might have been married at 22, your generation waited a bit longer to say I do. In fact, in 1920, the average woman would be married at 21 and men at 24. Today's national average has increased to just under 28 for women and almost 30 for men. How does each state contribute to this average?

  1. Alabama

The Alabama average age of marriage is younger than the national average. For women, the average in Alabama is 26. Men are typically 28 when they get married in this state. With these numbers smaller than the national average, there may be a correlation between younger people marrying and divorce. Alabama is number 10 on the list of states with the highest divorce rate.

2. Alaska

The state of Alaska is very similar to Alabama when it comes to marrying age. On average, women are married at the age of 26 and men at nearly 29 - 28.7. Alaska, however, has a higher divorce rate. It lands at number 7 on the list of highest divorce rates per state.

3. Arizona

Arizona does a slight climb in an age when it comes to the average marriage age. This state has an average female marriage age of 27.5 and males at 29.5. The increased age might correlate with the lower divorce rates, as Arizona does not make the top 10.

4. Arkansas

Arkansas is a state that averages women married at 25.5 and men at 27.3. This may show another trend since the average divorce rate in the state places Arkansas at the sixth most divorced state. While marriage and divorce were becoming less common in 2016, Arkansas saw nearly 1 percent of the population marry in 2017. Although 1 percent seems like nothing, it accounts for 30,000 people in this case.

5. California

The average marriage age in California is older than in any of the previous states. Women get married at the age of 28.6 and men at 30.5. Many sources suggest that California has a 60% divorce rate. However, it is not enough to put the state in the top 10. In fact, divorcing in California is a long and drawn-out process, possibly in an attempt to thwart any divorcees that may be on the fence.

6. Colorado

The mountainous region of Colorado has women marrying at 27.3 and men at 29.3. Baby boomers are those divorcing in this state. Given that the average age in Colorado is 37, those marrying at 27 and 29 may be responsible for the decreasing divorce rate in this state.

7. Connecticut

Connecticut is just a bit behind the national average, with women waiting to marry until 29 and men 30. However, this particular state has a low marriage rate. In 2017, it was ranked at number 5 in the lowest marriage rates in the United States. It seems that those that are marrying are waiting until they are older than the average marrying American.

8. Delaware

Delaware nearly meets the national average, with women marrying at the age of 28.7 and men at 30.2. From 1996 to 2015, Delaware's rate of divorce dropped by 28%. However, the marriage rate also showed a drastic decrease.

9. Florida

First marriages in Florida are most commonly at the age of 28.5 for women and 30.4 for men. However, despite the slightly older average, the divorce rate is higher than the national divorce rate. This state has not only the ninth highest divorce rate but also the ninth highest marriage rate.

10. Georgia

The average Georgia woman is 27 years old at the time of her marriage. A man is most commonly 29 in this state.

11. Hawaii

Women are typically 27.6 when they get married, while men are just a year older at 28.7. Fun fact: wedding customs in Hawaii include the bride and groom exchanging lei at the end of the ceremony. A lei is a symbol of both love and respect.

12. Idaho

Idahoan women marry at the age of 25.1 and their husbands at the age of 26.7. It is legal for a person under the age of 16 to get married with a court order and written parental consent. 102 girls under the age of 16 were married in Idaho between the years 1999 and 2016. It’s crucial to note that these are children, and allowing child brides is an archaic and harmful practice for several significant reasons.

13. Illinois

Women, on average, get married at 28.5 in Illinois. Men wait until they are 30.2. This state has one of the lowest divorce rates in the country. With most women in the nation having at least one child before the age of 28, the state's marriage average suggests that more and more women have children before marrying.

14. Indiana

Women are nearly 27 when they get married in Indiana, and men are around 28 and a half years old on average. This particular state boasts just under a 50% marriage rate. With half of the population married, it might suggest that the divorce rate is low. However, Indiana is in the top half of divorce rates among the 50 states.

15. Iowa

The average marrying age in Iowa is 26 for women and 28 for men. This state has an incredibly low divorce rate - a great fact since weddings in Iowa average a cost of just over $18 thousand. Imagine paying that more than once, especially as Iowa is not normally considered a destination wedding location.

16. Kansas

Kansas weddings typically feature women at the age of 25.8 and men at the age of 27.7. More than half of the state population is married, but this lands the state at the 15th lowest in the country.

17. Kentucky

Women in Kentucky are usually 26 when they get married, and the men are just shy of 28. This state has the sixth-highest divorce rate in the nation. To lower the divorce rate, the state now requires more steps in getting a divorce.

18. Louisiana

Louisiana is a state that averages women married at 27.6 and men at 29.4. This state has the lowest divorce rate in the country. Although the state average cost of a wedding is around $17 thousand, the city of New Orleans averages nearly $40 thousand spend on every wedding.

19. Maine

Women in Maine marry at the age of 27.2, and men marry at 29.5. Although divorce might be going up in some states, it is not in Maine. This state might have their older couples getting married to thank.

20. Maryland

The state of Maryland has women getting married at the age of 28.7 and men at 30.3. With the oldest individuals getting married so far, Maryland might boast a low divorce rate. Although you might expect it to be higher, this state is only the 8th lowest in divorce rates.

21. Massachusetts

Although Maryland had the oldest average so far, Massachusetts takes that prize with women marrying 29.7 and men at 30.9. The potential trend continues with this state, as the divorce rate is the fourth-lowest in the nation.

22. Michigan

Michigan women typically get married at just under 28 and men at nearly 30. In 2016, weddings were worth nearly $1.5 billion in the state of Michigan alone. With only 5.9 for every 1000 people being married in the state, you can guess that weddings are quite the event in Michigan.

23. Minnesota

Minnesotan women tend to get married at 27, and men get married at 29. More than half of Minnesota's population is married, but the marriage rate is the sixth lowest in the country.

24. Mississippi

Women get married at the age of 26.7 and men at 28.6 in Mississippi. If you've heard the law that it is illegal to cohabitate before marriage in Mississippi, you might be surprised that the average age of marriage is not lower. While this law still seems to be in effect, it is not usually enforced.

25. Missouri

The average age of marriage in Missouri for women is 26.9, and the average age for men is 28.3.

26. Montana

On average, women in Montana get married at the age of 26, and their husbands are 28. The state is the 20th highest when it comes to the divorce rate. Montana is also one of the few states that don't require any official person to officiate the wedding. Anyone that the couple deems suitable can marry a couple legally.

27. Nebraska

Nebraska women marry at the age of 26, and the men marry at 28. Even though the average age of marriage is lower than the national average, the divorce rate for Nebraska is sitting very near the middle of the road amongst the other 49 states.

28. Nevada

Those in Nevada are getting married at 27.2 (women) and 29.5 (men). Likely as a result of Vegas's many wedding chapels, Nevada has the highest marriage rate and the highest divorce rate.

29. New Hampshire

New Hampshire averages women marrying at the age of 28 and men at 30. This average meets the national average. The marriage rate for the state sits at 7 for every 1000 people as of 2017.

30. New Jersey

Women in New Jersey are waiting until 29 to get married and men until almost 31. Although many see the state as a party destination, it is the 12th lowest divorce rate. However, the marriage rate is the lowest among all 50 states.

31. New Mexico

Ladies in New Mexico are getting married at 27.6, and gentlemen are marrying at 28.8. Oddly, the city with the highest divorce rate in the state is called Truth or Consequences. Nearly 27% of the city is divorced.

32. New York

New Yorker women marry at 29.5 and men at 30.9. The state has a high marriage rate and a low divorce rate when compared to national averages. However, anecdotally, one New York woman said that she has lived to see 107 by not getting married at all!

33. North Carolina

Women get married at 27 and men at 29 in North Carolina. Weddings in North Carolina average $28 thousand, and nearly half of the population is married. It seems that this state makes good money on weddings!

34. North Dakota

The brides of North Dakota are most usually 26 years old, and their grooms are 28. Both the divorce rate and the marriage rate are the ninth-lowest amongst all 50 states. More than 52% of the state is married.

35. Ohio

Ohioans get married at 27.5 (women) and 29.4 (men). The 10th lowest marriage rate is in this state, with 5.8 per 1000 individuals being married. Cambridge, Ohio, has the highest divorce rate in the state, with nearly 21% of its population being divorced.

36. Oklahoma

Oklahoman women get married at 25.6 and men at 27.3. Unfortunately, the state of Oklahoma has the second-highest divorce rate, with the city of Sallisaw having the highest divorce percentage.

37. Oregon

Women in Oregon are usually 27.7 when they marry, and men are 29.5. The marriage rate for Oregon sits right in the middle, with 6.7 of each 1000 residents being married. The divorce rate in this state is on the higher end of the spectrum at 16th out of 50.

38. Pennsylvania

Marriages in Pennsylvania typically exist between women aged 28.5 and men at 30.1. The marriage rate in the state is the 8th lowest in the nation. This is another state in which older age correlates with a lower divorce rate.

39. Rhode Island

29.2 is the average age of women marrying in Rhode Island. Men are averaging 30.4 when getting married in this state. While Rhode Island is only the 17th lowest divorcing state, some laws require individuals to have resided in the state for a full year before filing for divorce.

40. South Carolina

South Carolina women marry at the age of 27.6, and the men are marrying at 29. The divorce rate is the 10th lowest in the country, and the marriage rate is the 18th highest. A South Carolina wedding cost around $24 thousand, which likely encourages couples to make it last.

41. South Dakota

The typical marrying age for women in South Dakota is 26. Men getting married in this state are commonly 27.4. More than 52% of the state's population is married. Only 2.4 per 1000 individuals in the state have divorced.

42. Tennessee

Tennessee women get married around the age of 26 and a half. Men, on the other hand, get married soon after 28. Unfortunately, those marriages often end in divorce, as Tennessee divorces come in at 11th highest in the United States.

43. Texas

Every Person And Relationship Moves At Their Own Pace.

26.6 is the average age a woman gets married in Texas. Men get married at 28.5. Even with these averages below the national average, Texas is the fifth-lowest state regarding divorce rates. There is an odd law in Texas (which may be strictly a joke) that says anyone that claims another person as their spouse vocally three times is legally married, even if one person in the marriage is not present.

44. Utah

Utah women get married at 24 and their husbands at 26. The population is 56% married, has the fourth-highest marriage rate, and the 14th highest divorce rate. Children as young as 15 can legally be married in this state.

45. Vermont

Brides in Vermont average the age of 28. Grooms are most commonly 30.5. The older age has likely contributed to the state's lower divorce rate. However, some cities contribute to the divorce rate heavily, such as Brattleboro, a divorced population that makes up a quarter of the city's total population.

46. Virginia

Virginia women marry at 27 and men at 29. Both the marriage and divorce rates in Virginia are very near the middle of the road. The average age of marriage seems to have had little impact on the divorce rate in this state.

47. Washington

Like Virginia, Washington's women get married at 27 and the men at 29. However, there is less of a trend between age and divorce rates in this state, as the divorce rate for Washington makes the top 15.

48. West Virginia

Female Mountaineers get married most commonly at the age of 26.4. Their bearded counterparts are typically 28.5 when they wed. Divorces were the tenth most in the nation for this state.

49. Wisconsin

Wisconsin women and men get married at the ages of 27.5 and 29.5. This state has the fourth-lowest marriage rate and the sixth-lowest divorce rate. Wisconsin weddings cost $25 thousand on average.

50. Wyoming

Wyoming brides are, on average, 25.6 on their wedding day. Grooms are 27.8. The young brides might indicate a reason for this state being the third highest in divorces in America.

Should You Expect To Meet The Average?

While all of the United States' averages are close to the same age, there might be something about the age a couple gets married and their chances of survival within the marriage. If you are at or past these averages in age, do not fear for your chances of getting married. Instead, consider the fact that you might be waiting until you find the perfect person for you. The lasting marriages are commonly the ones that start when the individuals have had time to grow alone before growing together.

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