Loving Your Best Friend: Marriage Tips To Keep The Friendship Alive

By Mary Elizabeth Dean|Updated July 12, 2022
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We all know that love and friendship are two very important parts of a marriage, but that doesn't always mean that we remember to focus on them. As the days go on and we are in the relationship for extended periods, we can lose sight of the things that are most important to us.

Luckily, there are many things that can be done to keep the spark alive in your relationship. Many of these options are easy to implement and require just a little bit of brainpower. If you are determined to maintain the friendship in your marriage, follow these tips.

Take Frequent Date Nights

Having Trouble Keeping The Friendship In Your Marriage Alive?
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Taking time to spend with your spouse is an important part of your relationship. Going out on date nights frequently is the best way to spend this time together.

Friendship is spending time with one another and enjoying each other's company. When you are close friends with a person, you hang out and do fun things together. All too often, we forget to make time for this in our marriage. This is one of the most detrimental things we can do. No matter how strong your marriage is, it is imperative that you continue to put work into it daily. For a marriage to be successful in the long-term, each of you must continue to put one another first. This is the secret to a healthy and happy marriage.

If you hope for your partner to be not only your spouse, but also your best friend, you will need to invest some time into this person. Make sure that you are setting aside time frequently where you can spend some one-on-one time with each other doing something that you both enjoy. The result will be a strong, happy best friend marriage. "Best friend" is a title that many married couples give to one another. If you put work into your marriage and take the time to spend with your partner, you will get the results you are looking for.

Date nights need not always be expensive or over the top. A nice, relaxing dinner at home will do the trick. The only thing that is important is that you are making a conscious effort to spend time with one another and to put each other first.

Laugh Together

When we are in a long-term relationship, best friend/marriage traits are often laughing together. Laughter is the best way to bond a couple and are often the happiest of moments in the relationship.

Don't be afraid to be goofy with your partner. Being married to this person means that you have agreed to spend life together and to have fun doing it. You deserve to be in a relationship that makes you happy and excited about the future. When you have married someone that you can laugh with, you can rest assured that you have a joyful relationship and life ahead of you. Laughing with your best friend is the best feeling in the world. When that person is also your spouse, you have unlocked the secret to happiness in life!

Also, remember not to take life too seriously. Things happen in marriages that get people down. You might have a fight or a disagreement about something that upsets you. Alternatively, you might struggle to communicate at times, creating feelings of frustration and resentment. If you remember to smile, you might have an easier time getting through these problems with your best friend. Marriage relationships also have their fair share of struggles - no relationship is perfect. You have love and laughter together, which is more than some people have. Focus on that, and the spark will stay alive.

Laughing together is one of the most important things you can do with your best friend. Marriage memories where you're laughing until your belly hurts are some of many couples' fondest memories. It makes us feel good and reminds us why we keep the people around us that we do. Smile and laugh with your partner - you deserve it!


Looking back at old times can be a great way to strengthen your relationship. The history that you have together is what makes your relationship unique.

Reminiscing with your partner is the best way to remind yourself why you are in the marriage, to begin with. The history that you have is what bonds you together. Make sure that you aren't forgetting about the good times that you have had together, especially if you are going through a rough patch in your relationship. You have gotten through things together before, and you can do it again. Think back and remember the good times and you will get the motivation you need to make it through the bad.

A solid friendship doesn't mean that you're always happy and getting along. We all have our bad days. Being a best friend means that you acknowledge those struggles and you work together to fix them. The bond that you have is worth fighting for. Keep the memories that you have close to your heart and draw from them when you need some extra encouragement. Fight to keep your partnership whole and happy. This is the best thing you can do to not only protect your friendship but to keep your marriage in tip-top shape.

If you struggle to remember the good times, consider keeping a photo album. Snap a picture when you are doing something memorable and write down the events of the day. When you have a big fight, or you come to a crossroads, pull the album out. Look at it together and talk about the way you felt in the photos. This will not only help you to remember the happy times in your relationship, but it will also inspire you to keep creating positive memories with one another.

Accept Each Other's Flaws

No one is perfect. When the novelty of being married wears off, you might find yourself annoyed with your partner's flaws or quirks.

If you want to keep your marriage intact and remain friends along the way, you must accept each other. Our flaws are what make us who we are. Even though it can be easy to get caught up in wishing that your relationship is perfect, you must overcome that. Understand that a strong and happy marriage has its share of ups and downs. If you can accept your partner for who they are and love them anyway, you will have the marriage of your dreams.

Humans have a way of loving one another regardless of our downfalls. If you see a problem that is a deal-breaker for you, talk about it! You can come up with a plan together to heal hurt and to transform bad behaviors. Nothing is stopping you from fixing the flaws that you see except yourself. There is always a way to confront your problems with your best friend. Marriage relationships are strong enough to stand the test of time and flaws.

If you love your spouse, you should be able to love the good and bad things about them. If needed, you can provide the support they need to transform their behaviors.

Support One Another

Having Trouble Keeping The Friendship In Your Marriage Alive?

Support is the number one thing you need to focus on in a marriage. You are a team, and you should both be the number one person to believe in one another.

No matter what the endeavor, remember to be there for each other. There is rarely a bond stronger than that between husband and wife. When you need someone to turn to, your spouse should top the list of people that you reach out to. When you know that you will be supported in your marriage, you will feel safe and happy. The vows that you took were for better or worse, till death. Make supporting your spouse a priority, and you will reap the benefits in your relationship and your life.

The people you choose to spend your life with are your home team. We all need someone to turn to when life gets rough. Not only is it your responsibility to take care of your spouse, but it should also be your priority. Treat them like a lover and a best friend, and you can keep that friendship aspect alive, no matter how tough the times get over the years.

Know When To Get Help

Relationships aren't always easy. From time to time, you will come across something in your path that you need an extra hand to help with.

Relationship counseling is great for couples that want to succeed but need to learn new tools to get there. The counselors and therapists at ReGain are fully accredited professionals that can help. If you see your marriage struggling, don't hesitate to reach out. The earlier you get the assistance you need, the sooner your relationship can work for you. You both deserve to be happy and fulfilled in your marriage. If you are willing to put in the work, you can have the relationship of your dreams.

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