What A Kiss On The Forehead Means At The End Of A Date

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Kissing can be an important aspect of a relationship. At the very beginning, especially, kisses can be used to determine compatibility and whether or not one person is attracted to the other. There are all different types of kisses. Hello kisses, goodbye kisses, make-out sessions, cheek kisses, neck kisses, and forehead kisses. Of all the different types of kisses, forehead kisses may be one of the most difficult to decode. That may be because a forehead kiss can mean so many different things. And when you are at the end of a date, you might really want to know how well it went and how the other person is feeling. So, how can you tell what that forehead kiss meant?

Consider the forehead kiss with a lot of other indicators. The forehead kiss alone might not be able to tell you much. But if you consider the date as a whole and know the different potential meanings of a forehead kiss, you can try to figure out what it meant yourself. And when all else fails, ask! Just be prepared that you might not like what you hear. Forehead kisses can be the first step toward something intimate, but they can also mean that the person sees you in a more friendly or familial way. That’s why context can be so crucial. Take a look at some of these forehead kiss meanings.

A sign of affection

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Are you confused about your relationship?

A forehead kiss can be a demonstration of affection. Especially early on in a relationship, while you may not be ready for hot and heavy kissing, forehead kisses may convey the affection you feel for each other without moving too fast. 

This kind of kiss might be accompanied by comforting hugs, kind words, and meaningful glances. If you’re feeling hurt, sad, or overwhelmed, and your partner leans in to give you a comforting hug and also kisses your forehead, that might mean that they want to comfort you and keep you safe. Many forms of love can be conveyed in this kind of kiss.

Showing someone you care


While you’re talking, random forehead kisses when you say goodbye, or at any point during the day, could be your partner’s way of showing that they care. Perhaps your partner has found an outlet for showing their emotions without having to use their words. They might think that you will be comforted by the kiss, and perhaps they want to give that to you. Plus, this kind of kiss can show how comfortable they are around you as well. Kissing someone on the forehead can be a vulnerable act. It can be unassuming and loving. 

They respect you as a person

A kiss on your forehead can show respect because it’s typically not a kiss with any expectations. With a forehead kiss, your partner may not be trying to get you into bed or trying to start a make-out session or doing anything with the intention of sex. It’s just a forehead kiss, which is normally meant to be sweet and fleeting. When your partner kisses you on your forehead at the end of a date, it may mean they don’t want to pressure you for anything else. While they may be very attracted to you and want to take things further, the kiss might show they are willing to take things slow in the relationship to get to know you before things get hot and heavy. It might be a way of saying “I want you” without being overly physical about it.

They’re not interested, or they’re losing interest

On the flip side, a forehead kiss could mean that your partner is putting some distance between the two of you. While this isn’t as common, it can help to look at the forehead kiss in context. If you’ve been going out a while and your physical relationship has progressed, but instead of kissing you on the lips goodnight, they go straight to your forehead, then the relationship might not be moving forward. 

The forehead kiss could be for any of the above reasons, but you might know deep down how your relationship is going. If it feels like things are slowing down or that you are just growing apart, you may be able to read their lack of interest into a forehead kiss. But before you assume anything, you should ask your partner about it and be gently upfront about how you are feeling and what you are seeing. If there’s a chance that you could be misunderstanding what’s going on, you should do your best to find out.


Are you confused about your relationship?

Kisses on the forehead can be lovely. Whether you are giving the forehead kiss or receiving the forehead kiss, know that it can be a special way to celebrate your love for another person. On the off chance that the forehead kiss means something is wrong, try to think about it, taking some deep breaths and slowing your thoughts down. 

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Forehead kisses don’t have to be confusing. It’s okay to ask for help when you need it.

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