Don’t Let Fear Of Rejection Keep You From Making Your Move

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It can be really exciting when you're starting to get to know someone new. When you find a girl or a guy you're attracted to and find them interesting, it's easy to spend hours just talking to them. You might feel like you have good chemistry. If all of the signs are there that this person is into you, then you really should pull the trigger and make your move. The problem is that many people have a deep fear of rejection, and they wind up freezing up before the decisive moment.

If this is something that you're currently struggling with, then you should know that fear of rejection is never a good reason to give up. 

Don't Let The Fear Of Rejection Hold You Back

It's Normal To Be Afraid

It would be best if you understood that it is normal to be afraid of rejection. Even the most confident people that you have ever met in life are nervous about being rejected. When you express your feelings to someone you like, it will make you feel very anxious. There might be doubts in your head about whether this girl or guy will feel the same way.

Being brave is necessary if you want to find true happiness. However, it might not be easy to shove that fear down and move forward. If you need help, then you should consider confiding in friends. Some people even speak to therapists or counselors about their fears to get things straight in their heads. Just know that fear is normal and that everyone has to overcome this.

You're not alone in dealing with anxiety, and everyone understands what you're going through. You can conquer this fear of rejection by doing your best to stay positive and not worry about consequences. There is a good chance that the girl or guy you're going after is also into you. In fact, you can look for some important signs to see whether or not this is the case. They might be going through the same fears about whether or not to make a move.

Signs That A Girl Likes You

Many different signs can indicate that a woman is interested in you. Please take a look at some of the below signs that she might be into you. If you notice one of these signs or several of them, then it might give you the necessary courage to go ahead and make your move.

Physical Signs

You'll find many different physical signs that a girl likes you. One telltale sign is when a girl seems to run her fingers through her hair a lot while you're together. She might also initiate a lot more eye contact than usual. On the other hand, some girls are a bit shy, and you might catch her darting her eyes away when you go to look at her.

Some women will show physical signs of their attraction by going a bit further. For example, she might touch your arm subtly during a conversation or start smiling more than usual. If you notice that she gives you more physical signs than she does when talking to other people, it's a safe bet that she has feelings for you.


Flirting is an important part of figuring out whether or not someone is interested in a romantic connection. Some guys aren't so good at flirting, and they might not realize when a woman is trying to flirt subtly. Sometimes a simple glance is a sign of flirting, and other times it might be making a joke. Pay attention to the physical signs as well as what she is saying. If she seems to be into you, then you should probably feel more confident about pursuing a relationship with her.


Is the girl that you're interested in texting you a lot? If she is texting you messages regularly and seems to be giving you a lot of time over the phone, that's a sign that she likes you. If this is combined with some of the flirting mentioned above, then you should go ahead and make your move when you're ready. She most likely wants to get you to make your move so that you can finally start dating.

Signs He Likes You But Is Afraid of Rejection

It's pretty common for men to be afraid to make a move on a woman. If you have been waiting for the guy to make the first move, then you might want to try to show him that you're interested. There's a good chance that he is interested in you but is simply afraid of being rejected. Rejection is something that can hurt your self-esteem, and most people want to avoid scenarios like that.

Take a look at some of these signs that he is into you. If you notice any of these, then there is a good chance that he would be thrilled for you to show him that you're interested in pursuing a relationship. There is no reason for a woman not to make the first move if she feels confident enough to do so in modern times. The fear of rejection is only going to hold you back if you allow it to.

You Notice Him Looking At You

If the man in question has been looking at you a lot, then he might be enamored by you. You might catch him looking at you out of the corner of your eyes. This is a telltale sign that someone is feeling amorous. He might even appear to be a bit flustered or nervous when you're around. This is all perfectly natural, and you'll probably be able to tell how he feels judging by his body language.

He Tries To Impress You

Men often try to impress women when they're trying to gauge their interest in a potential relationship. Sometimes they might even try a little bit too hard. For example, he might be trying to make you laugh or going out of his way to help you with certain things. Indeed, he might be a nice guy, but this is a common sign that someone is smitten.

He Seems Jealous When Other Men Give You Attention

Another common sign that he likes you is when he appears to be jealous when other men give you attention. Have you noticed that he seems a bit off when another man is speaking to you? If he gets grumpy or seems a bit downtrodden during these times, it's a big sign that he wants to be in a relationship with you. Unfortunately, he probably doesn't know how to ask you if you feel the same way.

He Spends A Lot Of Time Around You

If he is giving you a substantial amount of his time, that is a big sign that he is into you. When you combine this sign with some of the other signs above, it's a clear indication that he wants to pursue a relationship with you. He is just likely afraid of rejection and is trying to find the perfect opportunity.

Make The First Move

You shouldn't let your gender or any other factor keep you from making the first move. You might be afraid of rejection myself. Whether you're a guy looking to ask a girl out or if you're a girl who is courting a man, it's important to try to be confident. Nothing in life is for sure, but it's worth taking the chance on something that could lead to happiness.

If you don't make your move on the person who has caught your eye, they might wind up dating someone else. You don't want to kick yourself when you see the girl of your dreams start dating one of your co-workers. Likewise, a girl will feel disappointed if a man she likes starts dating someone before expressing her feelings. The same is true of LGBTQ relationships as well.

Muster your courage and ask the girl or guy that you like out. Your happiness matters, and you can't let the fear of rejection hold you back. You're just going to wind up having regrets if you don't give it your best shot. The person that you like deserves to know how you feel about them. In all likelihood, they're going to be thrilled to find out that you like them. It could wind up being the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Don't Let The Fear Of Rejection Hold You Back

Counselors Can Help You Overcome Your Fears

The fear that you have been wrestling with might not be easy to tame. If you're having a particularly hard time overcoming your fears, then you might want to contact an online counselor. Online counseling is a great way to get therapy without having to leave your home. Professionals can speak to you about what you're going through, and they can make you feel a lot better.

You'll learn important coping mechanisms that will help you to feel less nervous than before. All of your anxiety symptoms can be mitigated when you spend time with a qualified online counselor. Once you get into a relationship with the man or woman of your dreams, these online counselors will be available to help you with relationship counseling. If you ever need relationship advice or help overcome certain problems, you'll know exactly whom to turn to.

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