Coming Into Your Own: 15 Characteristics Of A Good Woman

By ReGain Editorial Team|Updated July 11, 2022

Do you recall being a little girl and announcing to the world that you wanted to be a singer or a mommy or a veterinarian? You had such confidence in yourself that all everyone around you could do was smile and encourage you.

At some point, as you grew and matured, things began to change. Life’s experiences wore away at some of your confidence. Over time, you became more confused and less certain of yourself. You weren’t quite sure who you wanted to be or thought you should be. The school of life has taught you some important lessons that have led you to learn that you have some work to do on your character before you are truly the person you desire to be.

As you’re growing into womanhood, you’re coming into your own. You’re ready to build on the foundation of your being and transform into the woman you always wanted to be. Your life is a beautiful work in progress, and there are miles of character building to go.

Working to improve your character is a quality that should be admired in its own right. Know that women can reach a solid level of confidence. However, according to this study, a woman’s confidence won’t necessarily be perceived in the workplace to the degree that it gives them any prestige or influence. That shouldn’t be a reason to prevent you from becoming the woman you know you can be. There are always new ceilings to shatter and paths to pave for the women who will come and follow behind you.

To get started, take a look at the following 15 characteristics of a good woman to help you find a starting point:

  1. A Good Woman Is Nurturing

Online Therapy Can Help You Come Into Who You Are

When you think of nurturing, perhaps you think of a mother nurturing their children. Nurturing entails love and kindness, but it’s much more than that. It also has to do with supporting and encouraging others. The word nurturing is often used when training or educating someone. It has to do with feeding someone. Food can be the type you eat to nourish your body, or spiritual food, or some other type of non-food nourishment. Nurturing also encompasses protection as in protecting someone as they’re developing. People who are nurturing make wonderful leaders and mentors. They are often responsible for instilling confidence into others and teaching them to help others in return.

  1. A Good Woman Is Forgiving

If someone has told you that they forgive you, it’s usually pretty easy to tell whether the forgiveness is genuine or not. A forgiving woman is sincere in forgiving others. They don’t keep a record of wrongs, and they don’t bring up the hurtful past. They refrain from criticizing or persuading others, even when they make mistakes. Before they lay their head down to sleep for the night, they let go of hurtful feelings, so only good thoughts invade their subconscious, and they wake up feeling refreshed. Forgiveness isn’t something that everyone is naturally good at. Most people have to work towards being good at it. If a woman consistently shows they know the power and importance of forgiveness, it’s a strong sign they’re a good woman.

  1. A Good Woman is Empathetic

To have empathy for another person is to be able to feel what someone else feels. Empathy differs from sympathy because empathetic people can see things from someone else’s perspective, while sympathetic people can only see things from their own. Both are good character traits to have, but empathy is stronger. Being able to share feelings and experiences with another person connects people more closely. An empathetic woman is a good listener. Opening up to another person requires a lot of courage, bravery, and especially vulnerability, so it’s good when the listener has an empathetic response. Some women can also be highly sensitive, so be careful not to overwhelm them with your own emotions and burdens. That being said, many of them will have healthy boundaries and will be able to tell you when they need a break.

  1. A Good Woman Is Forgiving

For many people, it’s a natural reaction to want to strike back when they’ve been hurt or embarrassed. A good woman does the opposite; they are quick to turn the other cheek when someone has hurt them. They do their best to learn from the situation and move forward without malice in their hearts. While they have learned the art of forgiveness, they also know the importance of boundaries and when to let people back into their life. They realize that forgiveness does not mean reconciliation and that it’s their choice whether or not a relationship or interaction with another person will continue. Often, it takes time, patience, and plenty of hurtful relationships to learn how to develop solid boundaries. However, once they do, these women are unstoppable and powerful.

  1. A Good Woman Is a Patient

We live in a world where everything happens faster than it could in the past. That makes it doubly hard for people to be patient. A great woman doesn’t insist that their wants have to happen right now. They patiently wait for the right timing and do it without complaining or worrying excessively about the future. Patience is a virtue, especially in the digital age when everything happens instantly, and you can get whatever you want at the drop of a hat. Patient women have learned how to be mindful, prioritize what’s most important, and regulate their emotions well. It’s no easy task, and they should be recognized for their achievement.

  1. A Good Woman Doesn’t Fall Prey To Jealousy

Jealousy can rear its ugly head in romantic relationships, our families, and even the workplace. Having jealousy makes others uncomfortable, whether it’s over a partner or someone else’s accomplishments. Other people see jealousy as an unattractive quality. Having feelings of jealousy is a challenging characteristic to change because it bears such strong emotions. People who get jealous easily tend to have lower self-esteem than those who aren’t prone to feeling jealous. This is because people who are secure in themselves don’t feel like they have anything to worry about. They trust their friends, family members, and romantic partners to treat them well, be loyal, and choose them over and over. Insecure people get uneasy over the smallest signs of disloyalty, even when they’re way off course of what’s going on. A good woman doesn’t get jealous easily because they are sure of themselves. They know their worth, are secure in who they are, and tend to see the best other people. It can be a learning curve not to deal with jealousy, especially if you’ve been burned in the past. However, there’s always room for improvement. Things like talking with a therapist and reassessing your thinking habits can help you become more secure in yourself.

  1. A Good Woman Sees Humor As Healthy

A great woman can find a little humor even in the toughest situations. This doesn’t mean that they tell raucous jokes at insensitive times. It just means that they can navigate their way through stressful or uncomfortable situations and see the lighter side of things. In doing so, they bring out the good in themselves and everyone around them as well. Humor is incredibly powerful and can even help heal people physically and mentally. As it turns out, laughter can be an effective treatment for many ailments that plague our bodies and minds. A good woman sees the power behind laughter and goes after producing as much of it as they possibly can. Happiness, joy, and calmness often follow bouts of laughter, and they know this and use it to their advantage. Not only does all this humor make the woman’s life better, but it also enhances the lives of everyone around them.

  1. A Great Woman Is Faithful

A great woman is faithful to their partner as we’d expect that everyone should be. Being a faithful woman also means being a faithful daughter, sister, and friend. A faithful woman is true to their words and actions. They don’t falter. They don’t stray from the things they know are right. Being faithful goes hand in hand with being loyal; a good woman won’t leave the sides of their people as long as they’re being treated right and loved well. It’s good to have this type of woman in your corner because you can be confident that they won’t get up and leave you unexpectedly and unannounced. You will have a friend or partner for life.

  1. A Great Woman Is An Encouraging Woman

A few encouraging words can go a long way. We all have times where we need a little extra push. A great woman recognizes those times and is always willing to lift others. Once in a while, we all need gentle reminders to hang in there and not give up. People who are encouraging instill into others confidence, hope, bravery, and hope. When you’re around an encouraging woman, they will probably boost your self-esteem, self-confidence and make you feel fearless in going after your dreams. Everyone needs that kind of woman in their life. Encouragement benefits both the giver and the receiver. It makes the person on the receiving end feel good about themselves while also making the giver happy they could help someone, even in a small way. There is never too much encouragement that can be given out, and a great woman knows that.

  1. A Great Woman Is Grateful

We live in a world of abundance. It’s easy to take that for granted and give in to being materialistic. A grateful woman doesn’t long for more of this or that. They are thankful for the material possessions that they already have, whether they are old or new. They are thankful for their friends, family, home, and career. Practicing gratitude helps people feel more positively about life, improves one’s physical and mental health, and helps one become resilient in the face of any adversities. It’s all about being thankful for what you have in your life and not consistently longing for what you lack. A great woman knows that gratitude not only makes them happier but also allows them to focus on what truly matters most.

  1. A Great Woman Is Loyal

Loyalty means that a person is committed to standing by the people in their life. It doesn’t mean allowing bad behavior or sticking around even when being treated badly. Being loyal requires a great amount of trust because people can be unpredictable and hurtful. Still, loyalty is all about working through those hurts and staying even through the tough times. A loyal woman doesn’t waiver when it comes to being true to themselves and others. They don’t change their opinions of issues or people on a whim. They don’t say one thing with one group and then entirely change their opinion with another group. They know who they are and what is important to them. They will have your back even when it’s the unpopular thing to do. Loyalty is all about assurance—a great woman cares enough about the people in their life to give them the benefit of the doubt.

  1. A Great Woman Doesn’t Envy

A great woman doesn’t envy who others are or envy what they have. They are content with who they are and what they have. Being envious of others will only distract you from being your best self. They don’t need the latest gadget or the biggest, most elaborate house. They are content as they are and with what they currently have. Envy doesn’t only affect the envious person; it also affects those around them. Those who are envious rather than grateful are less likely to help a stranger in need. There are personal and societal advantages to being a woman who doesn’t envy others.

  1. A great Woman Is Fun To Be With

Online Therapy Can Help You Come Into Who You Are

We all go through worrisome times, but a great woman can have a little fun despite it. They don’t need to be a comedienne or the laugh of the party. They are spontaneous and happy to make the most of everything, even when things aren’t great. It doesn’t take much to make them smile, and having fun is contagious. Most people love being around others who make them smile, laugh, and have a good time. These people help you forget the stressful parts of life and remind you not to take yourself too seriously. A great woman sees the value in creating laughter and is naturally just by being themselves.

  1. A great Woman Is A Charitable Woman

Generosity is the art of being giving towards others, altruistic, and kind. Although being generous helps the other person, it also makes the giver feel good too. So, there are benefits for everyone involved. A great woman likes to help other people out. They enjoy rolling up their sleeves and pitching in, whether it’s helping a charity further its cause or lending a hand to a friend or neighbor in need. They give out of the goodness of their heart and never expect anything in return. Charitable women never become weary of doing good. There are both physical and mental health benefits to being generous, but a great woman isn’t necessarily generous for those reasons—practicing generosity comes naturally to them.

  1. A Great Woman Welcomes A Challenge

Good women don’t rest on their laurels. When a challenge comes their way, they’re ready to tackle it head-on. It matters less whether they meet or overcome challenges than just being willing to step out of their comfort zones and try something new. A great woman challenges their partner to be the best that they can be as well.

You are the person you are because of your character and the collection of life experiences you’ve had to date. You’re bound to make a few mistakes in life as a woman, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with regret. It’s through good times and challenging times that we experience growth as people. Our past experiences help us make sense of our current experiences, and it’s through those experiences, we can truly learn how to become at peace with ourselves.

The journey to becoming the woman you want to be might seem long and hard, but it’s always worth it. Your character, realize it or not, will affect many other aspects of your life. Whether that impact is positive or negative depends on the work you put in to see the improvements you’d like in yourself.

If you’re a woman struggling with your character, you don’t have to feel so alone along your journey to becoming the woman you’ve always wanted to be. Consider that the characteristics of a woman listed here could be a good basis for couples’ therapy. If you’d like help working on your character and growing into the woman you’re meant to be, ReGain can help. Working with a licensed counselor can help take you to a whole other level in getting to know yourself. It’s by taking stock of your unique characteristics that you become a slightly improved version of yourself from one day to the next.

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