Things To Consider When Dating A Bisexual Man

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Dating can be fun, exciting, nerve-wracking, frustrating, challenging, and everything in between. Meeting someone new and trying to determine if you two are a good romantic match can involve all sorts of thrilling and confusing moments, as each person brings their own experiences, perspectives, preferences, wants, and needs into a relationship. No matter your own gender identity, if you find yourself dating or interested in pursuing a bisexual man, there may be a few things to keep in mind. While every person is different and will be unique in their own way, some of these may give you some useful food for thought as you date a bisexual and explore the relationship.

Dating can be confusing sometimes

Things to consider when dating a bisexual guy

When dating a bisexual guy, it may be useful to keep the following in mind:

He might have a dating history that is new for you

If you've never dated someone who identifies as bisexual, their dating history might be new for you. For some people, learning that their current partner has dated men and women may be an adjustment, and it may take some getting used to. But as with any relationship between two people of any gender identity and sexual orientation, communication is key. If a concern arises, you can address it openly and honestly together. If you have a question about something, you can ask, and he can share what he is comfortable sharing. If he wants to open up about past partners, and you can meet that desire with kindness and compassion. If, however, your partner has no desire to discuss past relationships, experiences, or sexual activities, that is a boundary to respect.

You might experience rudeness from others

There is still a significant stigma around bisexuality. If you are bisexual yourself, this may not be new for you, but if you are not, this may be something to be emotionally prepared for. Bisexual people often face high rates of discrimination, erasure, and judgment. If you are new to dating someone who identifies as bisexual, witnessing or experiencing this kind of stigma may be jarring. Depending on the situation and your relationship, it may be useful to have a discussion with your partner to learn more about their experiences. You may be able to identify ways to handle or cope with any ignorance you encounter from others as a team.

Your partner may be more likely to experience anxiety or depression

Research has found that bisexual individuals experience higher rates of anxiety and depression than their gay/lesbian and straight peers. This may be partly due to the phobia directed at them from both gay and straight communities, as some consider bisexual people afraid of having a true preference, or pretending for the sake of gaining something, whether that be attention, closeness, or something else. Anxiety and depression can be serious and may warrant some form of intervention, such as therapy, medication, and/or lifestyle changes, such as dietary changes, exercise, and mindfulness practices.

Every person is unique

Finally, it’s important to note that while a man who identifies as bisexual may have had some of the experiences detailed above that could be connected to his sexual orientation, every person is unique. No two people will have had the exact same experiences, perspectives, needs, and desires coming into a relationship. The best way to learn more about the person you are dating is to get to know who they really are as an individual, in their own words.

Dating can be confusing sometimes

Getting help with relationship challenges

Dating often comes with ups and downs and challenges, no matter who you are dating or how you and they identify. If you would like additional support as you try to navigate the complexities of a relationship with a new person, online therapy can help. Research has found online therapy to be an effective option for improving relationship satisfaction, mental health, and more

For many people, it can be difficult to coordinate two busy schedules and find the time to make therapy work. With online therapy through Regain, you can meet with your therapist virtually from wherever is most convenient for you, and you and your partner can even join the session from different locations, which may make it easier to attend for some people. 


If you are interested in dating a man who identifies as bisexual, you may consider some of the points detailed above as you explore this new relationship. If you would like additional support with relationship concerns, an online therapist can help. 

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