The Best Tips To Help You Talk To Strangers Online & Offline

Updated November 12, 2020

Medically Reviewed By: Rashonda Douthit , LCSW

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Every friend you've had was a stranger once, and yet talking to strangers seems so foreign. Maybe it's because you grew up being told not to talk to them, or because you feel awkward. Whatever the case, talking to strangers is a necessity in life. Whether to ask for help, make a friend, or find love, you need to talk to strangers in some form or another. In this post, we will tell you how you can talk to strangers on the Internet and off the Internet. Let's delve into the subject, shall we?

Talking To Strangers Online

For most, it's much easier to talk to a stranger online than it is to talk to one offline. The awkward air you experience around them is thinner. You can think about what you should say next without feeling rushed or expected to answer quickly. Best of all, there are forums dedicated to hobbies and beliefs, and you can meet a stranger using your interest as icebreakers. Here are some other tips.

Be Safe!


This is a common sense rule, but one worth emphasizing. Most strangers you meet online are good people, but it is important to be safe.

By being safe, we mean that you shouldn't give away your info to a stranger you meet online. You may laugh at that. Why would you give a stranger your address or other identifying information? However, it's easy to casually mention where you work and where you live in conversation. Be mindful of your words and don't say anything you may regret later.

Another thing you should avoid is downloading anything suspicious that a stranger sends you. If you get a message telling you to download something, run it through a virus scanner and be skeptical about it. It could be a virus or some other form of malware designed to spy on you.

Some strangers may make the conversation turn uncomfortable, whether they mean to or not. If the stranger is asking increasingly personal questions that make you feel uncomfortable, tell them to knock it off. If they continue, leave the conversation or block them. You are not obligated to talk to someone if their words make you feel uneasy. You're supposed to have fun online, not get anxious if someone asks you a question that is too personal for your tastes.

If a stranger becomes a friend, and they want to meet in person, do it on safe grounds. Meet at a coffee shop or another public location. Don't go to their home, or have them come to your place until you are comfortable and know each other well.

Start A Conversation With Something Interesting

This is especially true with a dating site. Online, the stranger might be getting plenty of messages, and just sending a short greeting, like hi or hello. He may make them feel a bit odd. How are they supposed to respond to that? Rather, begin the conversation with an interesting topic. Ask about what they usually do and use this to break the ice between you two. If they like movies, talk about the latest movies. It's a bit hard figuring out what you're going to say at first, but by starting the conversation right, it becomes easier with time.

Be Yourself

Interested In Talking to People But Not Sure Where To Get Started?
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When talking to someone online, don't feel like you have to take on some other persona. Instead, talk to the stranger online like you would any other friend. Be yourself by talking about what you like and what you dislike. Talk about what's been bothering you, what your dreams are, or anything else that crosses your mind. Just don't reveal anything personal to the stranger.

Listen To Them

It's not all about you. When the stranger online describes their interests, listen. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine yourself in their position. Offer advice or sympathy if they are dealing with a problem. If their interests are different, go in with an open mind and trade interests. You'll be surprised at how much you can learn from someone else, be it interests, walks of life, or cultures if the stranger is from another part of the world.

Look In The Right Places

As mentioned before, you can go to places dedicated to a hobby or belief. There are forums and anonymous chat rooms where you can talk to others without giving your identity. If you want to be in a place where everyone has a name, you can turn to a Facebook group to make friends online. Just make sure your profile has its privacy settings adjusted so that you aren't revealing any personal information.

And that about covers how to talk to people online. It's fun, but there are some rules you should follow to have the best and safest experience possible.

How To Talk To Strangers Offline

If you've moved to a new place and want to meet new people, here are some ways you can do that.

Look For A Place Of Shared Interest

This is the same rule as the Internet. If you want to talk to some people, the best icebreaker is a shared hobby. If you're into comics, going to a comic book shop or a game store may be your best bet to connect with others. If you're into fitness, you can join a fitness club and talk to the people there. If you're into reading, bookstores are a good place to look.

Just Do It And Don't Overthink It

Talking to a stranger can be intimidating. That anxiety is something that never goes away but becomes more manageable over time. When you see someone you want to talk to, relax and be yourself. Go up to them and strike a conversation. Don't be nervous, but instead be someone who is friendly and approachable.

Don't Feel Bad If They Don't Want To Talk

If you try to talk to someone and they don't want to talk or brush you off, then don't feel down. Odds are, you've been approached by people when you don't feel like talking. They don't dislike you but instead aren't in the mood to talk. Instead, try someone else, and don't pursue someone who isn't interested. Rejection can happen when talking to a stranger, but don't feel bad if it happens. Instead, use it as a chance to look for someone else.

Go Alone…Or With A Friend

When searching for new friends, it may be tough but is perfectly fine to approach someone when you're alone. Or, a friend can make a good wingman or woman. For example, if you feel nervous, a friend can talk to them for you, or introduce you to people they do know. It all depends on the situation, honestly.

Be Mindful Of Your Body Language

Your body language can say a lot about you or have someone misinterpret something about you. Use friendly body language with decent eye contact. Do not look standoffish or tough. For the socially awkward, finding the right body language can be challenging, but by being mindful of it, you can be able to make more friends much easier than you would without any good body language.

Keep The Subject Matter Lighthearted

This applies to the online conversation as well, but it's especially important in real life. Online, people may feel more open to disagreements, as there is a barrier between the two parties. In real life, a debate about religion or politics can turn uncomfortable and even hostile. Instead, talk about hobbies and other lighthearted topics. Save the serious things for when the two of you know each other better.

Always Share Contact Info


You don't need to give out any personal details, but if the conversation goes well, you have to speak to each other at some point. Give them an email, number, or social media account where the two of you can keep in touch. If you keep in touch, great. You've made a new friend.

Seek Help!

If you still have trouble making new friends or dealing with the anxiety that can sometimes come with talking to new people, you may benefit from talking to a therapist. A therapist can help you learn skills to conquer your fears and make new friends. If you have a new friend or even a relationship, a therapist can keep that relationship going smoothly and help you to resolve any conflicts should they arise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What's the best website to talk to strangers?

When you’re looking for the best website to talk to strangers, you need to first consider and define the goals and expectations for your chatting. You should determine if you’re looking for more than just free chat room friendship, if you’re looking for a romantic connection when you talk to people online, if you have a male female preference for the people you’re talking to, if you’re trying to flirt online with the hope that it develops into a longer term relationship, or if you expect the friendship that you form in the free chat room to exist beyond that in the real world.

Once you define these expectations, you can have a better idea of the best website that you’re going to use to meet people online.

Is it okay to talk to strangers online?

Talking to strangers online is perfectly fine as long as you’re following some common sense safety protocols. If you stick to these rules, you’ll have a great time talking to strangers online. The best policy is to start your online conversations with strangers in a more “public” space before moving the conversation into a private chat. In fact, that’s a great way to start a chat talk that isn’t an anonymous chat but is still safe. It’s easy to find a place for free chat, and it’s totally okay to talk to strangers online.

You should be careful about anonymous chat apps where people aren’t required to write their real names. On these anonymous chat sites and apps, people are much more likely to express hostile and extreme points of view.

Where can I talk to random strangers?

You can basically talk to random strangers anywhere that you go, although the internet hosts a lot of different random chat rooms where you can talk to strangers from all over the world. In a random chat room, such as Chat Roulette, you sign up for the service and you get paired with another registered user. After that, you just talk with the random stranger in the free chat room about whatever you want.

But it’s important to remember to be careful and follow the safety precautions when you’re using a random chat room to talk to strangers online. There aren’t really any restrictions in terms of who can join these free chat rooms, and it often attracts people who don’t have good intentions. So, these random chat rooms aren’t really the safest places to meet people if you’re looking for a lasting and positive friendship.

How can I meet strangers online?

Meeting strangers online is really easy. The easiest way to meet strangers online is to put yourself out there online. This means that you can find a place or website or social media group that is focused on your interests. There, you’ll be able chat with others who already have things in common with you. For example, you can visit a website with a forum dedicated to your favorite type of music, art, or social causes. From there, you’ll be exposed to lots of other users who already have a lot to talk about with you. So, from these websites, it’s easy to find strangers who will be easy to talk to online.

Basically, if you put yourself in a context that already focuses on the commonalities that you have with other communities of people, you’ve found the best way to meet strangers online. It’s also a great way to start more consistent and focused friendships online, rather than just randomly chatting with random people who might have nothing in common with you.

What app can you chat with strangers?

There are a lot of different apps that allow you to talk with strangers online. They are geared to different goals and demographics, so choosing the best chat app for yourself will depend on you goals and expectations as you chat. A quick internet search of free apps for chatting with strangers will turn up tons of results for chat apps that are catered to whatever parameters and expectations you have for your online chat adventures.

Why do people talk to strangers online?

There are a lot of different reasons why people choose to talk to strangers online. For example, it may be difficult to find people in there surrounding area who have the same niche interests or values that they do. Or, they may be looking for new perspectives and experiences from all over the world, so they turn to the World Wide Web to find these. Or, they may be facing a transition in their own life, such as moving to a new place where they don’t know anyone yet, and they prefer to find people with common interests online before they dive into face to face relationships and friendships. So, they prefer to use a chat room or chat app to meet new people online before facing the relationships in the real world.

No matter what the reason is, talking to strangers online is a pretty popular way to make new friends in the internet age. As long as people are using the safety measures and some common sense, they’ll be able to have a great time making new friends from strangers online!

Is talking to strangers dangerous?

Talking to strangers online is not necessarily dangerous. However, you should be careful of certain chat rooms and forums, especially those that are anonymous. These online spaces that are touted as completely anonymous often attract some shady characters. You should keep that in mind if you’re diving into anonymous chat rooms and forums.

In general, however, it’s perfectly safe to chat with strangers online, as long as you’re using common sense and putting in place the basic safety protocols. You shouldn’t ever give out personal information or agree to meet with strangers in real life. Also, remember that your comments and chats can still often be accessed by your internet service provider and law enforcement. So, be aware of that as you’re writing and talking to strangers online, even if you think you’re doing it anonymously.

Which is best online chat?

Finding the best online chat for you will be a matter of targeting your expectations and goals for your online chatting relationships. You should first define what you want out of the experience, and then search for your best online chat from there. Focus on your interests and find forums and chat rooms centered on those things. Or, if you’re looking for a romantic connection, you can try different dating apps. You can also ask around from your friends and see what groups, chat apps, and social media platforms they enjoy using when it comes to meeting like-minded strangers on the internet.

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