Can An Anxiety Chat Room Help Me With My Anxiety?

By: Steven Finkelstein

Updated June 17, 2020

Medically Reviewed By: Cessel Boyd

Anxiety can be tough to deal with sometimes. In extreme cases, it can be a little short of crippling. Luckily, many options now exist for combating it and hopefully getting it under control. One of those possibilities is the anxiety chat room. This is an option where you can talk to likeminded individuals who are probably going through some of the same things that you are. But can an anxiety chat room help curb your fears or worries?

Learn More About Anxiety Chat Rooms And Other Support Options
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What Is Anxiety?

Before we delve into that, let's examine what exactly anxiety is. Anxiety is typically defined as a sensation of excessive, intense, persistent worry or fear about everyday situations that you might encounter. There are all kinds of physical symptoms that might go along with it. For instance, your heart rate might speed up. You may sweat or breathe much more rapidly than is considered usual.

It is normal for any person to feel anxious sometimes. There are plenty of things that can happen to you personally or out in the world that can lead to such a reaction. However, for the sake of this article, we are talking more about those individuals who have been diagnosed with clinical anxiety. These people don't just feel anxious when they're about to give a speech in front of their peers or some of the other things that might cause natural feelings of nervousness. Rather, these are individuals who feel anxious most of the time for a variety of reasons or a specific one, and it is negatively impacting their life.


What Is An Anxiety Chat Room?

When it comes to anxiety chat rooms, there are many potential options out there. One of the better ones is, and there is also a site called which has listings and reviews of many of the ones that exist these days.

Generally speaking, these are places that you can go if you suffer from things like agoraphobia, hypochondria, panic disorders, and the like. You might have been diagnosed with one of these conditions by a doctor or therapist, or you might not have gone to see anyone yet, but you feel sure that you are anxious to an abnormal degree.

These sites cater to people who struggle in their daily lives, and they intend to give you a safe place to discuss your problems with others who are going through the same things. You can network, make friends, and potentially discuss treatment options. They are also supposed to be safe places, free of the toxicity and negativity that might be found in an average chat room.

What Can Anxiety Chat Rooms Do For You?

Those who are likely to benefit from anxiety chat rooms are individuals who might want someone to talk to, but they may be afraid or anxious about leaving the house to seek professional care. They might feel like that's not a step that they are prepared to take yet, in which case a chat room can provide a potential support network.

These chat rooms are useful because you can quickly ask questions about your condition, and you might get some valuable feedback. Keep in mind, however, that those individuals who are using the chat rooms are not likely to be therapists or medical doctors, so you should be hesitant to accept every single thing that someone tells you about your possible condition.

Learn More About Anxiety Chat Rooms And Other Support Options


You can certainly interact with others who are going through what you are, and it's nice to have some people with whom you can commiserate. It's always great if you have friends and family who are there for you, but chances are they do not have anxiety as you do. Speaking to people who know the sensations and the feelings that accompany anxiety can make you feel that you have found a community for yourself, and it's hard to overstate the potential value of that.

By developing friendships, you may be able to bolster your self-confidence to the point where you do not feel as anxious. At the very least, maybe you will have the courage to seek professional help from a therapist after you have spent some time in these chat rooms.

Some Potential Drawbacks Of Anxiety Chat Rooms

The most significant problem with chat rooms is that while they are set up with the best of intentions, not every one of them is going to be that well monitored. Because of that, even if they are intended as safe spaces, there are still people who might say hurtful things for no better reason than to try and troll people who are trying to navigate a tough time in their lives. It would be nice if humans could be given the benefit of the doubt and for us to believe that in an atmosphere like an anxiety chat room that everyone would be on their best behavior. However, the perceived anonymity of chat rooms can lead people to say things that they wouldn't if they were face-to-face. It's unfortunate, but that's a reality.

An equally pressing fear is that you don't know if any of the people with whom you are interacting are mental health professionals or not. You might be dealing with someone who is kind and has the best of intentions, but that might not stop them from giving you some bad advice. That is why you should think very carefully about anything that a person in these chat rooms tells you to do. If it seems like poor advice, then don't take it.

Also, if you suffer from social anxiety in particular, then the choice to use a chat room, even in the case that you are anonymous, might not be the wisest one. You are still conversing with others, and those others are people who you don't know. Even if you can't see them, you might not feel completely comfortable in talking with them about aspects of your personal life.

What's The Bottom Line?

The bottom line with anxiety chat rooms is that while they might potentially be helpful to some people, they might be harmful to others. Several mitigating factors are going to come into play, like the particular kind of anxiety that you have, whether you have found a chatroom full of supportive people, and whether you are at the beginning of your recovery process or further along with it.

Before looking into anxiety chat rooms, you need to ask yourself the honest question of whether or not you think you'll feel better by speaking to strangers online about whatever is going on with you. If you feel that you would, then you may proceed, but do so with a great deal of caution. If the answer is no, then you would probably be better off seeking the advice of a therapist in person. A mental health professional is going to be able to give you some definitive information, and you can get a diagnosis that should give you some insight as to what it is you have and what treatment methods are going to be best for you.

A therapist can tell you whether or not there might be a pharmaceutical solution to your problems. There are lots of different anti-anxiety drugs on the market these days, and many of them have yielded good results. You can also talk about some ways that you can modify your behavior so that you are not as likely to feel anxious. Sometimes mental exercises can be what it takes to get you out of a negative thought cycle. Realistically, that's not something that you are likely to learn through any chat room.

Do You And Your Partner Need Help With Your Anxiety?

It's also critical for you to understand that your anxiety is affecting those around you about whom you care. If you're married or you're in a long-term relationship, for instance, then you can look into online couples counseling. That's going to be better for the two of you than a chat room because it's a situation where both of you are going to be involved and participating. It should make your spouse or partner feel good that they are getting actively involved with trying to get you well again.


Anxiety chat rooms are certainly one of the available options that exist for people these days, but before you look into them, think about both the potential positive and negative aspects that we discussed. While these sorts of chat rooms do have some benefits for certain people, they are by no means cure-alls if you have clinical anxiety.

As long as you have that in mind, you should be fine with them. You might meet some new friends and get some good advice, even if it's from individuals who are not trained, mental health professionals. Just be ready to discount any harmful information that you are given, and also be prepared to disengage if you seem to be encountering an air of toxicity that is not being moderated or discouraged.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do chat rooms still exist?

If you’re wondering if chat rooms still exist the answer is Yes. There are thousands of chat rooms online that are dedicated to specific topics and the chat rooms of late have a host of built-in features and tools. Today’s chat rooms provide options for communicating using face-to-face video chat options, SMS messaging options, audio chat options, and telephone chat options. Along with online therapy and counseling sites, anxiety and depression chat rooms are becoming some of the most regularly visited chat rooms online.

Many people living with anxiety and other mental health disorders use online chat rooms for social anxiety support. Chronic mental health sufferers can find solace, comfort, and support within their online communities. Today’s chronic mental health sufferers can even have one-on-one chat therapy sessions with licensed therapy providers and counselors. Chat rooms offer an alternative for people to chat online with others who share similar interests and conditions.

Where can I chat anonymously?

If you’re looking for anxiety support options online, you can find anxiety support chat groups for anxiety, join an anxiety peer support group, or chat with a licensed mental health professional online. Most anxiety forums and online therapy sites provide an option for you to register for an anonymous account. Keep in mind that not all anxiety chat rooms and online therapy services provide the option for joining a chat room anonymously.

If you’re joining a chat room looking for anonymity, be sure to read the chat room terms and conditions on privacy before attempting to chat anonymously. Leading online therapy platforms like ReGain provide clients with confidential and secure access to licensed online therapists. If privacy is a concern for you, choosing one-on-one sessions with a licensed online therapist is a great alternative to open source chat rooms or forums. Clients who use confidential online therapy platforms gain 24-hour access to licensed therapy providers without ever having to leave the comfort and privacy of their home or office.

What is a live chat room?

A live chat room is an online forum where people meet to chat. When most people join a chat room online, it is normally to find advice and support about a specific subject. In the case of mental health-related chat rooms, like anxiety chat and depression chat, people with a generalized anxiety disorder and related conditions join live chat rooms to seek advice and support. When you join live chat rooms online, you’re connected to other people who are in the chat room in real-time.

This means that you can ask and answer questions of other members of the chat room and see messages from the chat room moderator. A chat room moderator is a person or group of people who monitor the chat room to make sure that all chat room policies and procedures are being followed. People who violate the chat room terms of service may be warned. If violations of chat room policies are ongoing or severe, chat room moderators will ban users from the chat room.

In the case of private one-on-one chats with licensed therapy providers, you and your provider are securely connected in a private chat room. The information shared between you and your therapist can only be seen by the people you designate. Online therapy sessions maintain the same standards of confidentiality as sessions in hospitals, clinics, and private practice environments.

What are the best free online chat rooms?

The best free online chat rooms and anxiety forums for anxiety support chat are those who provide accurate information, education, and referrals for chat room users. Many people with anxiety feel nervous when they visit an anxiety chat room online. Knowing that your online anxiety forums and chat rooms are secure makes it easier to join a support group for anxiety. Complete a Google search to find the best chatroom to meet your specific needs.

For example, are you looking for free group chat rooms where people with similar interests chat and provide each other with advice? Or are you looking for a free online chat option that provides you with access to trained emotional support professionals?

 If you’re suffering from moderate-to-severe mental health issues, consider chatting with a primary care doctor online or a licensed therapist for support. Today’s online telehealth services include checkups, urgent care visits, medication management and online psychotherapy services with board-certified therapy providers. Choose the best option to meet your needs.

How do you anonymously chat with someone?

People who struggle with social anxiety may struggle with anxiety chats that require them to use their real names or identity. Some chat rooms and online therapy sites allow users who have anxiety symptoms to register anonymously. In some instances, chatting anonymously has its benefits. Many people enjoy chatting anonymously because they can ask and answer questions with less fear of being judged.

On the other hand, not everyone who visits online chat rooms has good intentions. It’s important to remember that when you visit public chat rooms online, you may be chatting with anyone. In order to stay safe while chatting publicly online, be sure to keep your personal information like your address, phone number, and other personally identifying information private. Alternatively when you chat online using secure therapy platforms, you can join anxiety forums and online anxiety chat rooms created by therapists and monitored by mental health professionals. When it’s time for your online therapy session, therapists create private chat rooms for chronic mental health sufferers and people seeking advice in a confidential and discreet format. ReGain is a leading online therapy platform that provides psychotherapy and counseling services for people with anxiety disorders and other chronic mental health disorders.

When you join anxiety forums and anxiety chat rooms like ReGain that allow you to register for therapy anonymously, the registration instructions within the app will provide you with instructions for logging into an online therapy session for anxiety and chatting with a licensed therapist anonymously.

How Do You Talk to an unknown person?

When you chat in an anxiety chat room anonymously you are assigned a unique identifier that isn’t your name. The same is true for other members of an anonymous anxiety chat room. Each person will have their own identifier that will be either their name or their anonymous alias used to chat in the anxiety chat room. Moderators and professional therapists will rarely use an anonymous name or profile to chat in an anxiety chat room.

Chatting online is almost the same as chatting in real-life. The main difference is you and the people you’re chatting with aren’t physically in the same room. Video chat options allow people to chat using face-to-face options that feel just the same as being there. The same is true for audio chat sessions that allow you to connect and have meaningful conversations with groups, individuals, and therapy providers about important topics of interest and actionable steps for improving your mental health.

When you join online forums, it’s okay to start by observing to get a feel for the chat environment before immediately diving into the chat. When you feel comfortable, begin chatting (after observing the chat environment and reading the platform rules).

What is the most popular chat room?

As more local and national issues arise in relation to the coronavirus pandemic and related global issues, more people are seeking mental health support online. Dealing with the uncertainty of what is coming next is taking its toll on the mental health of millions of people worldwide. Anxiety sufferers are having a difficult time trying to cope as uncertainty begins to pile on top of already existing issues.

The good news is that there are support options available for anxiety-sufferers online. Online chat and therapy services allow anxiety sufferers to chat with licensed mental health professionals including psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, and licensed marriage and family therapists from the comfort of their home or office.

People who have anxiety symptoms may also opt to find a free anxiety support group online. Some people with anxiety disorders feel that anxiety chat rooms are useful while others find them overwhelming. If you’re having issues with an anxiety disorder and you need assistance online, consider chatting with a licensed therapist instead of an anxiety chat room or online anxiety support group. Generalized anxiety disorder is a serious mental health condition.

It’s important to be able to understand your own anxiety to manage and overcome anxiety symptoms. A licensed therapist is clinically trained to treat chronic mental health issues like anxiety disorder, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder in a clinical and confidential environment.

Where can I chat online?

If you’re suffering from the negative symptoms of an anxiety disorder, you can find support via a public chat room, or a private therapy chat room online. An important factor to consider is that public chat rooms for online anxiety support can often make people with anxiety feel even more overwhelmed. Overwhelm can happen when anxiety-prone users try to understand the different conversations and threads in the chat room. As a result, people who join group chat rooms online may end up feeling more anxious as they worry about fitting in with other members of the group, finding new chat partners, or breaking chat platform rules.

Private online therapy options offer an alternative to group-based anxiety chat rooms and chat forums online. When you opt for private online therapy options like those offered by ReGain, you gain access to a discreet therapy platform that provides you with unlimited access to board-certified therapy professionals who practice in your state. The ReGain online therapy platform currently provides access to over two-thousand licensed therapists nationwide.

These licensed mental health professionals are clinically trained in the art of diagnosing and treating anxiety symptoms and related disorders. Private chat rooms like those set up by licensed therapists on leading online therapy platforms provide a more structured and confidential environment for people suffering from mental health anxiety. ReGain provides access to private online chat rooms with licensed therapists where people with anxiety can talk to their therapists about what causes an anxiety attack,

Which is best online chat?

The best chat room online is one where you feel safe, confident, and supported. Whether you are seeking chat rooms for managing symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) chat, anxiety chat rooms, or another type of chat room, it’s critical that you feel comfortable asking and answering questions in support of your own healing. If you’ve been having trouble finding your way in anxiety chat rooms, consider a private chat room with a licensed clinical therapist.

ReGain offers online access to private chat rooms where you can chat with licensed clinical therapists from the privacy and comfort of your own home or office.

The online therapy chat rooms at ReGain are secure and offer an easy way for people suffering from anxiety to connect with licensed professionals in a private and secure chat room environment. People suffering from mild-to-moderate mental health issues like depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and similar conditions can find relief by getting advice from a board-certified therapist online.

Getting started with online therapy services with leading therapy providers is as easy as registering for a free therapy account (anonymously or using your real name), selecting your preferred therapy provider and subscription, and logging in for your regularly scheduled sessions with your therapist. Therapy sessions on the ReGain platform are conducted using face-to-face video chat, audio chat, telephone chat, and unlimited SMS messaging therapy.

How Do You Talk to an anonymous girl?

Looking for anonymous chat rooms that provide counseling and anxiety support with access to live agents? Consider using online therapy services like ReGain that allow you to remain anonymous during your online psychotherapy sessions in secure chat rooms as an alternative to chatting with unlicensed mental health support representatives. Licensed therapists are clinically trained to diagnose, treat, and provide clients with support options for managing issues with chronic mental health.

Therapists are also available to help with providing general advice for those who are seeking support that isn’t suffering from chronic mental health issues. Registering anonymously for therapy sessions on the ReGain therapy platform provides you with a level of discretion and confidentiality that is unmatched by unlicensed support services online.

The online therapists at ReGain all hold a minimum of a master’s degree in their field of practice and have thousands of hours of hands-on training and experience in providing clinical therapy treatments and interventions. Having access to a certified clinical support team makes it easier for people to get confidential therapy sessions without having to leave home.

People who are under stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus, people who have limited access to licensed mental health professionals, stay-at-home parents, and those who live in rural areas can all benefit from having access to a licensed therapy professional via the ReGain therapy app.

The ReGain platform respects client privacy and makes it easy to contact a licensed clinical therapist to get professional mental health support in online chat rooms any time of the day or night. Register for your free therapy accounts anonymously on the ReGain platform to gain access to live video chat rooms and audio chat rooms with board-certified therapists online.

Is pure chat free?

Pure chat is an online chat platform that provides groups, teams, and organizations with access to free chat rooms and chat room features. This platform provides businesses and individuals with access to several chat options including free and paid plans. To learn more about the chat room services offered by pure chat and which chat rooms are free, visit the Pure Chat website online.

Which chat app is safe?

The best chat apps are those that provide confidentiality, discretion, and always-on availability. ReGain is the leading online couples therapy app in the United States that provides unlimited access to video chat rooms, audio chat rooms, and SMS messaging therapy with licensed clinical therapists. The ReGain app provides confidential access to licensed therapists via a secure server. All of the information you provide on the ReGain online therapy platform is confidential to you and your therapy provider.

You choose the time and day for your therapy sessions where you can communicate with your therapist in a private chat room or via SMS messaging online. Using secured services like those provided by ReGain are safer alternatives than joining open forums or unmoderated mental health therapy chats online. The therapy professionals at ReGain are licensed clinicians that are trained to provide you with the highest level of quality mental health support.

When you choose the ReGain therapy platform for your psychotherapy and counseling needs, you’re choosing a safe and reputable platform that can help you heal from the past and find a road to a better future.

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