How To Relieve Mental Health Symptoms Using Daith Piercing For Anxiety

Updated March 25, 2021


Are you looking for non-traditional treatments like ear piercings for managing symptoms of anxiety? It may surprise you to learn that some people are turning to daith piercing and similar options to lessen anxiety. There has been a link between the installation of daith piercings, cartilage piercing, and people who report less anxiety. While the evidence for the benefits of daith piercings for anxiety is anecdotal — people who get daith piercings for anxiety report relief from ongoing negative symptoms of persistent migraines and anxiety.


The reported effects of daith piercing leave people who use them with fewer symptoms of anxiety and possible migraines. This correlation between daith piercing and anxiety reduction triggers more people with anxiety to try this non-traditional form of body piercing therapy. In this article, we talk about how to relieve anxiety and anxiety effects by using daith piercings. We provide examples of symptoms of social anxiety, the connection between daith piercing and anxiety.

Finally, we talk about using daith ear piercing for anxiety to relieve anxiety symptoms and reduce anxiety.

What Its Like To Live With Persistent Symptoms Of Anxiety

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live with chronic anxiety? People who experience chronic mental health disorders like anxiety often find themselves in a constant state of worry, fear, or hypervigilance. What makes these symptoms worse is that people experiencing chronic anxiety and migraines also feel like they have no realistic options for finding anxiety relief.

Being in a constant state of flux results from living with the pain of an anxiety disorder. Anxiety and migraines frequently occur together. People who want to alleviate symptoms of anxiety often need concurrent relief for both anxiety and migraines. For some, anxiety effects are mild, while others can experience severe anxiety or depression symptoms. People who consider getting a daith ear piercing for constant anxiety often do so because daith ear piercing for constant anxiety is believed to eliminate some of the adverse effects of living with an anxiety disorder.


For some people with anxiety, living with persistent anxiety symptoms can become debilitating and interfere with their daily life activities. People who seek daith ear piercing for constant anxiety report typical troubles with maintaining a job, repetitive stressful relationships, and a poor self-image. People with severe anxiety cases are in constant fear that something may go wrong and feel powerless to control their symptoms.

In severe cases, doctors or psychiatrists may prescribe medications for relieving the symptoms of anxiety and migraines. The dosage for anxiety medicine is consistent with the severity of anxiety symptoms observed by your doctor. Most doctors and psychiatrists provide a prescription for managing severe anxiety symptoms along with a referral for ongoing psychotherapy treatments. People who consider using daith ear piercing for constant anxiety can also benefit from psychotherapy sessions with a licensed therapy provider. Psychotherapy techniques like cognitive-behavioral therapy have shown success in providing effective treatment for anxiety.

According to psychology professionals, a board-certified psychotherapist who treats migraines and anxiety can have the same (or better results) as a person with anxiety, taking a prescribed medication dosage for anxiety relief. While the evidence for using daith piercings to alleviate anxiety is anecdotal, research has proven that psychotherapy treatments can effectively treat anxiety and provide anxiety relief as a prescribed medication dosage for anxiety.

People who get therapy to treat anxiety have reported anxiety relief and reduced anxiety symptoms by up to as much as seventy-percent. The combination of medication, psychotherapy, and daith ear piercing for constant anxiety can provide a holistic solution for people experiencing mild-to-moderate anxiety symptoms.

How Daith Piercing Is Used for Anxiety Or Migraines

Now that we’ve touched on what it’s like to live with symptoms of persistent anxiety, let’s look at daith ear piercing for constant anxiety. In recent years, people looking for holistic therapy and alternative therapy options have used daith piercing to lessen anxiety.

The positive effects of daith ear piercing for constant anxiety have been compared to similar effects discovered in acupuncture and piercing treatments. While acupuncture methods target more than one area of the body, daith piercings for anxiety target the vagus nerve inside the inner ear.

While some people with anxiety have been long-time users of daith ear piercing for constant anxiety, then men piercing for constant anxiety, and tragus piercing for constant anxiety, others are new to the concept of using daith piercings to lessen anxiety. The following are five common questions people have about using daith piercings to lessen anxiety.

Question #1. What Is Daith Ear Piercing For Constant Anxiety? – Daith piercing is a piercing that is done on the inner fold of your outer ear. People use these types of piercings for anxiety and a variety of reasons. Some people use these types of piercings to make a fashion statement (like wearing a nose ring). Others use daith piercing for constant anxiety as a holistic therapy alternative to treat symptoms of chronic mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, and migraines.

Question #2. Does Daith Ear Piercing For Constant Anxiety Hurt? – According to people who have had these types of piercings installed and the people who install them, getting a daith piercing can be painful. This is because the piercing site's location has a thick layer of ear cartilage; the piercing must penetrate. According to daith piercing experts, the piercing pain will be intense for up to twenty seconds.

Question #3. How Long Will I Be In Pain After Getting A Daith Ear Piercing For Constant Anxiety? – You may feel a sharp pain, and then the most intense pain will be over. The piercing site may ache or be sore for up to a few weeks. After a few weeks, the piercing site should be fully recovered. If you’re experiencing pain from a newly installed daith piercing for more than a few weeks, check with your primary medical provider to make sure your piercing hasn’t become infected.

Question #4. How Does Daith Ear Piercing For Constant Anxiety Actually Work?– These types of piercings work much like acupuncture treatments. Tattoo artists and other professionals who specialize in installing these piercings focus on targeting specific pressure points in the ear to relieve anxiety. These pressure points target the vagus nerve, which is the same nerve that most acupuncturists target in providing pressure point relief.

Question #5. What Are The Side Effects Of Ear Piercings Like Tragus Piercing For Constant Anxiety, Daith Ear Piercing For Constant Anxiety, Body Piercing For Constant Anxiety, And Shen Men Piercing For Constant Anxiety? While most of the side effects from tragus piercing, daith piercing and anxiety, and shen men ear piercings are positive (like a noticeable reduction in anxiety), in some cases, the effects are negative. Some people have experienced depression after getting a tragus piercing for constant anxiety or increased anxiety following shen men piercing for constant anxiety.

Psychology research shows that daith ear piercing for constant anxiety can ease anxiety symptoms, medical symptoms, and other negative mental health disorders. While research is still being done on the validity of daith ear piercing for constant anxiety, proponents of this practice strongly support the practice. They believe that daith ear piercing for constant anxiety gets results.

How Online Therapy Can Help Relieve Anxiety Symptoms


Chronic anxiety symptoms can be triggered by early childhood abuse and traumatic experiences that may have developed into post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD).

Online therapy can equip people with anxiety with effective coping mechanisms for reducing the debilitating effects of anxiety in their everyday lives.

One of the essential steps for people who experience chronic anxiety is finding productive and healthy ways to deal with unresolved trauma. This includes addressing the issues of neglect, child abuse, emotional abuse, and domestic violence. People who experience debilitating anxiety symptoms report seeing up to a seventy-percent reduction in their anxiety symptoms and feeling more empowered in their lives. Talking to a therapist can help you learn how to manage the symptoms of anxiety more effectively.

Your online therapist will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that helps you address your individual issues with anxiety.

Your therapist can equip you with education about anxiety, including coping skills, to help you manage to live with anxiety independently. When you get therapy for anxiety, your therapists become a part of your life support network that can include other medical providers like your primary care doctor, psychiatrists, and community resource professionals.

When your support team works together — the result is a total solution that helps people struggling with chronic mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder make better decisions and reduce the effects of debilitating anxiety on their lives.


If you’re interested in learning more about daith ear piercing for constant anxiety —  a licensed therapist can help. A licensed therapist is a clinically trained professional specializing in providing innovative and effective therapy treatments to people experiencing mild-to-moderate mental health symptoms. Talking to a therapist about your anxiety can increase your chances of finding a workable solution and customized anxiety treatment. If you’re ready to get started learning effective ways of reducing the effects of anxiety-like using daith piercing for constant anxiety — contact one of the licensed therapy professionals available on the ReGain therapy platform today.

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