Privacy Policy
1. What is this Policy?
2. Who does this apply to?
3. When you use the term “Service Provider” in this Policy, what do you mean?
4. When you use the term “Third Party” what do you mean?
5. Do you collect, store, or Process my data?
6. What specific data are you Processing?
7. Why do you collect and Process my data?
8. Who can see the interactions I have with my Therapist?
9. What are the purposes for sharing my data?
10. Do you Process location data?
11. Are you using my data for advertising?
12. What is a cookie or web beacon?
13. What are you using cookies and web beacons for?
14. How do I opt out of cookies, web beacons, and other tracking technology?
15. How do you keep my data secure?
16. Do you sell my data?
17. Can I sign up for Regain and remain anonymous?
18. How long do you retain my data and how do I request data erasure?
19. Requesting a copy of my data
20. How can I stop receiving direct marketing emails from you?
21. How do you treat data from children?
22. How do you use my data to comply with the law?
23. Will you change this Privacy Policy?
24. Additional Privacy Notice for California Residents
25. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and UK General Data Protection Regulation Notice

Last Updated and Effective: June 23, 2023