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Rachel Ehrhardt, LPC, MSCP

I am a Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology (MSCP) from Chatham University in Pittsburgh PA. I have 24 years (since 1999) with experience with a vast range of populations in various clinical settings (see below for list).

Often times by the time someone makes an appointment - they have been suffering for a quite a long time. Desperate for relief and to get back on track. Many people have told me over the course of my career “Making the 1st appointment was the hardest part”. There is actually a Phenomenon where people start to feel better knowing they have an appointment in the books. Just knowing that help is on the way. In that sense, their is a sigh of relief regarding having finally made a decision to do it, as waiting for things to change on their own simply hasn’t proven to be the case.

I consider myself as an "Educator", as well as a therapist. As I teach a lot of skills - the biggest thing I put the most emphasis on is Thoughts. It's all about the thoughts. Most of us have throughts that are in some way inaccurate, flawed, based on assumption. Our brains naturally fill-in-the-blanks when we don't understand something. So I teach people to examine their thoughts - see what parts may be inaccurate (this, they are unhealthy) and essentially go back to the drawing-board with establing more accurate thinking patters.

I use the modality of: “Solution Focused Therapy”. This is a good approach for people who want to get to the root of the problem rather quickly. Then seek the solution and implement it. That’s not to say we should rush the process. And therapy and healing is just that - a process. An experience. It can be gentle, sensitive, educational, and goal driven all simultaneously. I do put it out there that I am direct & goal oriented. However, I am big on "asking for permission" before speaking frankly.Some people want that - but am not one to make assumptions (again, it's all about thoughts & making sure they are accurate). I am big on you getting what you want & need and relief as quickly as possible. If we are honest time & money seem to be 2 luxuries no one has anymore. With that said, working with me is very different than laying down on the Proverbial “Freudian Couch” for years on end.

I do a lot of my work in Marriage & Couples Counseling. Many couples have come to a crossroads of trying to decide to either to work it out and stay together …or go their separate ways. Some aren’t sure - but know something’s gotta give, and soon. Being stagnate is no longer a viable option. And receiving professional counsel prior to that enormous decision - is smart, respectful of the relationship and their partner. There are new things to try, some grey-areas that are worth exploring. I am a huge proponent of leaving no stone unturned. Especially when children are involved.

With couples, almost 100% of the time the issue is around communication. It comes down to one’s needs not being met. And though the other partner may want to, or is trying to meet their needs - they just don’t know "how". Or they have not yet come to understand the "why" a particular need is important. So we have to shift our mindset about our partner - they aren’t being lazy or malicious - they just don’t know, understand. In other words, they are not intentionally trying to deny us our need. They don’t get jt - yet - but they will. I see to it!

One of the beauties & mysteries of why therapy works: often it’s a “I told you this a million times!!!”….type thing which is incredibly frustrating. But somehow miraculously when I say it to them - it's as if they are hearing it for the very first time. It’s brand new information….to them. That’s one of the beauties & mysteries of why therapy works. Hearing it from a non-biased mediator (who is not their partner) makes it resonate in a new way, it sinks in, or finally sticks. A manner in which that coveys the importance and clarity that’s different and effective. And it's like a light-bulb turing on. The “aha moment” as they call it. So, now that the other person is finally listening & hearing & comprehending. We can identify what the “needs” are, why they are so important and can immediately start meeting them.

With straight couples - I teach a lot about the gender differences. It is astounding not only how different men & women really are - we are wired very differently than each other. Example: men are naturally inclined to "fix things". When a man can't "fix it" generally he experiences frustration which gets displayed in ways that look like anger. So I teach men how to better understand their partner, what she needs, why she needs it, and how to go about meeting her need. I strive to eliminate "the middle man" - which are things like confusion, anxiety, and feeling rejected. I teach women about how men are wired in general, what men generally need to feel a sense of accomplisment, what he needs from her, how to really help him understand why she is at her breaking point. How all of these factors in to the their dynamic. I help them figure out how to meet his need, why he needs it, etc... The key to all of this - understanding. Understanding leads to insight. Insight leads to empathy. Empathy leads to behavior change.

Couples tend to see progress right away when they follow my guidance by changing little subtle things. What we perceive as those “little things”….have more weight and importance than we had realized.

"Live Chat" is a wonderful option for many people. It offers a certain degree of discrection and privacy that can be done anywhere. Sometimes people do not want their partner, children or coworkers to overhear. It can be done at your desk at work, which people enjoy because they “look like” they are working. Lunch breaks seem to be a thing of the past, and we have no time, as I said before - something’s gotta give! Chat is good for if you have to be in a loud place, or have a sleeping baby! Many people whom travel use it when they are at an airport, bus, noisy place etc.. For people whom are highly anxious, it's more relaxing and feels like less pressure. For all of us that have to muilt-task (we have no choice!). And thanks to the surge in people working from home post-pandemic - we have more flexibility during the day. Options like this exist now, and people love the "Live Chat". We can see eachother typing, in real time. It's great!

I have worked with many populations in a vast range of setting. Inpatient. Outpatient. Psychiatic Wards. Nursing homes. In schools. With children. 1/2 way house. 3/4 house. Alternative Housing. Deaf & Blind people. For 10 years I took people in wheelchairs & intellectual disabilities on field trips. Much of my career has been in prison settings with, frankyl, a rough crowd. People anxious to straighten up immediately and get back to their real life. They have lost so much - are at their lowest point in their lives - desperate to feel better, live better. Some of methodologies and direct nature are no doubt born of that experience - get people better ASAP.

Also, I am a mom of 3, so I’m am also warm & fuzzy & as I like to say I am “fluffy” and very silly. My children are 13, 8, and 6. Boy -Girl -Boy (by the way, I carried all 3 babies/pregnancies through the prison. That tells you a bit about my personality, I was unphased by this. Believe it or not - I felt safer there than walkng down the street. Suprisingly - inmates were incredibaly protective of me , more so than one would imagine). I am married to my husband for 15 years. My favorite color is yellow, a big fan of Star Wars, favorite activity is going to thrift-shops, simply being in the sun, my favorite food is Tiramisu. Favorite shows to binge watch are The Office, Breaking Bad and “How it’s Made”. Hobbies are keeping up with research on Brain Science, playing Chess, and really anything that involves analytical thinking - my mind is never at rest. My childhood idol was Mother Teresa- and is still my idol to this day, trying to emulate her daily and instill that unconditional-kindness in my children. This Christmas me and my children made pillows to distribute to the Homeless. Our family motto is: “Be grateful, not greedy”.

I am a working mom - and I know better than anyone how hard it is to multi-task in this day and age. To do it all, be all to all people, to make sacrifices day in and day out. I also know how critical Self-Care is. You and your well-being needs to be your priority right now, and exploring therapy does count as self-care. As they say "You will never find time, you have to MAKE time". So make the time, make the investment in yourself, and hop on my schedule!

Rachel Ehrhardt, LPC, MSCP


  • Relationships
  • Family conflicts
  • Intimacy
  • Parenting issues
Also experienced in:
Stress, Anxiety , Addictions , Anger management , Coping with life changes , Communication Problems , Divorce and Separation , Drug and Alcohol Addiction , Family Problems , Fatherhood Issues , Infidelity , Life Purpose , Read more...

Clinical approaches:
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Existential Therapy, Imago Relationship Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Psychodynamic Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy

Years of Experience: 24

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Written on Feb 07, 2024 after therapy with Rachel for 3 weeks on issues concerning relationship

Rachel is an amazing therapist! Very attentive, kind, helpful and makes you feel heard. Best part is she listens to understand. I truly appreciate having her as my therapist!

Written on Dec 15, 2023 after therapy with Rachel for 2 months on issues concerning relationship

Rachel is fantastic. She is able to get to the root of an issue quickly and is an excellent listener. I highly recommend her!

Written on Sep 06, 2023 after therapy with Rachel for 2 months on issues concerning relationship

Amazing therapist, gets to the root problem right from the beginning

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