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I’m glad your are taking this step.

I am LeAnne, a licensed professional counselor who has provided counseling for over 10 years. I have worked with many amazing individuals, couples and families, as well as children. I have found over the years that couples come to therapy because they have reached their last, “straw,” they may have gotten stuck and have difficulty pulling each other out of it. Instead of working as partners on the same team, they may have become adversaries who have dug their heels in so deep, they need a helping hand, a life line. Whether that life line helps them to stay together with healthier modes of communication or helps them to make the decision to amicably part ways, movement can happen in a careful and compassionate therapeutic space.

Are you feeling stuck or do you feel like the person you fell in love with, has changed or is it you who has changed?

Whatever the issue is, counseling can help you do an autopsy on whatever part has atrophied in your relationship. You can discover what contributed to the demise of what was once a thriving, living, breathing flourishing union. When did it take a turn? Have you held in emotions that need to be explored and processed?

Couples can go through evolving issues across time that can encompass age disparities, social challenges , family disruptions, political beliefs and health changes, as well as emotional stagnation, economic changes and life tragedies. It’s important to identify what is at the core of loss and disruption in the relationship and when did it begin. Chances are, that the argument last week about leaving the dishes in the sink was not about the dishes, but about something that began long ago. The dishes are the symptom, but the root cause lies deep within.

My background in forensic psychology and community psychology has afforded me a wide range of experiences that inform my practices as a therapist. No one knows you as a couple the way you know each other and I will be learning what is important to you as a couple, as well as your fundamental beliefs and value systems. I will partner with you as a couple within your needs and expectations, while introducing and guiding you to expand and grow in ways that may be unfamiliar to you. You can trust the process, consider me as your beacon in the storm. My view of you will be as a couple, however you both bring into the relationship unique characteristics and belief systems that may be affecting the relationship in ways you didn’t consider. We will work together to integrate what will best work for you as individuals and as a couple.

I thank you for giving your relationship the chance to grow and explore new steps.


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  • Stress, Anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Family conflicts
  • Trauma and abuse
  • Depression

I also have experience in LGBT, Grief, Intimacy-related issues, Parenting issues, Anger management, Self esteem, Career difficulties, Bipolar disorder, Coping with life changes

Years of Experience: 10

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  • Messaging

  • Phone

  • Video


LPC #003820 (Expires: 2020-04-01)


Written by S.T. on Jan 22, 2020 after counseling with LeAnne for 2 weeks on issues concerning relationship

LeAnne has made such a positive impact in our marriage in such a short period or time. She is attentive, responsive, understanding and provides the best advice/recommendations. We have seen a great amount of change already and our marriage is once again thriving. We look forward to continuing down this path with LeAnne as it is a journey.