Free Online Therapy Could Save Your Relationship

Updated July 12, 2019

Relationships can be challenging. You might feel bogged down by the problems that you're experiencing in your relationship, and it's okay to admit that you don't know what to do next. Sometimes we don't know how to solve our relationship problems on our own, and we need to find support. That's why couples counseling exists. If you and your partner are struggling, it might be time to seek guidance from a couples counselor. People make many excuses when it comes to seeking help for their relationship. It might be that they are ashamed to get help from a mental health professional. There's no embarrassment and finding support to make your relationship better. One of the excuses that many people use so that they don't seek help is that therapy or couples counseling costs money. And to be clear this is an excuse. There are ways to get couples counseling that doesn't involve paying money. It sounds too good to be valid right? But, it's real. Why not explore these options before giving up on your relationship? You can get free online therapy for you and your partner. If you had the chance to work on your relationship problems and you didn't have to pay for it why wouldn't you try it? It's a legitimate question. Can you think of an answer?


Nobody wants to think that their relationship is suffering. It's not a pleasant thing to face. When there are problems in a relationship, it's incredibly convenient and easy to make excuses for them. Maybe you think that you're too different to work it out with your partner. Perhaps you feel like you've tried everything and why would online therapy help? You can't have possibly tried every single solution to help your relationship. It's easy to live in denial because then you don't have to face the problematic issues in your connection with your partner. But it's better to meet the hard truths and work them out with the counselor. And if you can do it for free, that's even better. It may sound too good to be true, but it isn't. There are ways that you can get this service completely free of charge.

When You Don't Know What to Help Your Relationship Heal

You know you love your partner, and you tried everything to solve the issues between you two. You may be at an impasse, and you don't know how to save your relationship. Maybe you've talked until both of you were blue in the face. You can't think of ways to conquer problems that are between you two. That's when free online therapy could help. Imagine an open door where the possibilities inside of that opening are endless. That opening is the door to free online therapy. Therapy is not cheap, and one way to get the support that you need is to try free online therapy. What's the harm? Give it a shot, and see if you and your partner can work out your differences with an online couples therapist. We're all busy people; this world doesn't stop. We want to have fun; we want to be happy and live our lives, but to do that, we need to confront the issues that we have in lives and our relationships. Ignoring problems won't make them go away, and that's why therapy, whether it's online or in person, exists.


You're Not Alone

You might be feeling alone right now. Like you're the only couple that has relationship problems. When you are struggling in your relationship with your partner you can feel very lonely but understand that many people have relationship issues and are trying to navigate them in fact, many couples suffer from relationship problems and they don't take that step to help their relationship heal. You have an opportunity to fix your relationship, and the door is open to make your partner's hand and walk through it. If you love the person that you're with and you value your connection consider trying something that could bring you closer together. If you feel like you're drifting apart, there are ways that you can come back together in online couples counseling. You may feel like you're the only couple that has problems. But remember that things look differently behind closed doors. What people share on social media is not the reality of their relationship. Everybody has problems, and there are ways that you can work through them. It's a matter of spending the time to confront the issues and face them directly with the help of a couples therapist.

Take a Chance and See a Counselor

When you're afraid to take action regarding your relationship because you don't know what will come next, you may feel frozen in that fear. One of the things that stop people from taking a leap and trying couples therapy is that fear. When you are afraid, it's due to the unknown. You don't know what will happen in couples therapy. Maybe you're fearful that couples counseling won't work. But you don't know until you try. Would you rather stay in a miserable relationship? Sometimes you need to step into the unknown to see if you can solve the problems you have. There are risks involved in many things in life, and therapy is no different. But, what do you have to lose if you get to try online therapy for free? Your relationship is hurting, and it's time to make a decision; do you want it to stay in a state where it's not going well, or do you want to take a chance and fix your relationship with the help of a supportive online counselor or therapist? When you know that there's an option to try something for free rather than paying for a service, it's advantageous, because you don't have to commit to it. You're dedicated to your relationship, that is definitive, but making a commitment to the process of therapy is not set in stone.


Saving Your Relationship

The question is, do you want to save your relationship? You need to ask yourself whether being with your partner is worth going to free online therapy. Cost isn't the issue. Your relationship is valuable enough to save; because you can't put a price on love. You never know what could happen if you take that risk and try to talk out your problems in therapy. Have faith that your relationship is strong enough to stand up to the issues that you have. You might need a professional to help you navigate these issues. Whether they are to do with attachment or trust, couples counseling can help. If it hasn't been working trying to solve problems between the two of you alone, why not consult an expert who can help you in this process? Online therapists are experienced in working with couples, and they're prepared to support you with whatever you and your partner need. Perhaps the issue is infidelity, communication problems, or that you don't like your partner's in-laws. Whatever the case may be, counselors and therapists have heard it all. It may not be free forever, but the trial period can help you figure out if counseling is something that you want to pursue. Search the network of talented counselors at and find one that you and your partner will enjoy seeing together.

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