Is BetterHelp The Best Online Therapy Platform In 2022, And Why?

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In recent months, the concept of getting counseling therapy online has taken on an entirely new meaning. With people, social distancing in the US and worldwide, many in-person therapy options are unavailable. You may still be able to find in-person therapy in a major geographical location like New York City, Chicago, or San Francisco, but getting an appointment in a smaller town may prove to be difficult.

As a result, mental health sufferers worldwide turn to online therapy options for managing chronic and acute mental health conditions like depression and anxiety (along with other commonly reported mental health issues). It’s a sign of the times. Online therapy is convenient and effective.

This article discusses the benefits of getting online therapy using the world’s current leading therapy platform -- BetterHelp. We answer the question, is BetterHelp indeed the best online therapy counseling platform, and why? Let’s start with a basic overview of the leading therapy platform online. 

Online Therapy Platform - A Professional Overview 

BetterHelp is currently the world’s largest e-counseling platform online. The BetterHelp platform's mission is to ensure that individuals, couples, and families struggling with life’s challenges have a safe place to voice their concerns and get professional advice. With the rise of COVID-19, more people than ever before are turning to online therapists like the licensed professionals at BetterHelp to find relief for mental health-related conditions. 

So why are so many mental health sufferers choosing BetterHelp? Clients who regularly use the BetterHelp platform for online counseling therapy tout its ease of use and flexible scheduling among the platform's top features. Unlimited access to texting therapy options allows people suffering from mental health concerns (and those seeking professional advice) to speak with a live licensed therapy professional any time of the day or night, and from any location.

Just knowing that such a service is always on and always available is enough to bring many of its clients comfort and relief. 

Another important feature of the platform is the professional counselors, who pride themselves in providing the best evidence-based research and care for clients who seek out their services. The platform currently boasts over two thousand licensed therapy professionals nationwide. Clients who seek therapy treatment for themselves, a child, or a partner in the US can connect to a licensed professional specializing in their area of concern. 


Its online counseling helps you with your problems.

Everyone deserves support and guidance in life. That’s what you can get in counseling and therapy. When you see an online counselor, you can be yourself. There are no filters. Online counseling is where you are safe to express any issues you’re dealing with, such as stress, anxiety, trauma, anger, and depression. If you’re feeling distressing feelings regularly, it’s a sign you could use some help.

You deserve to be happy, and that’s what online therapy can help you achieve. If you’re living with a mental illness, you can talk about that in online counseling. Many different issues cause mental distress. If you’re suffering from depression, anxiety, or panic, online counseling can help you make progress in treatment and healing. 

To ensure effectiveness, it’s crucial to make sure that your therapist is a good fit. When you visit the site, you can find a therapist who meets your needs. In some cases, licensed family therapists may be appropriate. These professionals can help you navigate problems with your relatives. If you’re having problems in your relationship, you may want to try online couples counseling. Therapy can help individuals and people in romantic relationships. Couples counseling can help people work through problems and save their connections. It’s crucial to find a therapist who is trained to help you with your specific issues. The person you’re sharing your problems with needs to understand you. When they do, they can develop a process to help you. You can visit BetterHelp online and search through licensed therapists to find one who can help you with your specific problems. 

It can feel isolating to have mental health problems and not have support. With BetterHelp, you can have live sessions with your therapist, whether it’s through chat, phone, or video sessions, and you can be sure they will really hear what you are saying. Whatever method you choose to speak to your therapist, it’s crucial to feel comfortable. Some people prefer to connect with their counselor through phone sessions because it makes them feel less awkward than on video. When you’re feeling down, a phone call from your online therapist can make you feel less alone. Some people prefer to do video chat. It depends on what you need out of treatment. You may prefer to use chat, phone, or messenger to communicate with your therapist. In the live sessions of professional counseling that you receive through BetterHelp, you receive support and guidance from licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited online therapists with professionalism and the ability to help you.

Learn more about online therapists.

When you pursue online therapy, you have the option to work with a variety of therapists. Some are licensed clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, licensed professional counselors, or even clinical psychologists. All of the providers are professional board-certified clinicians. You will be matched with a counselor who specializes in your particular area of need. All you need to do is set up your account and leave a message to set up your therapy appointment, and a therapist will respond soon. If you have PTSD, you may find a licensed therapist who is a trauma specialist. Counseling and therapy work when you work with a provider who understands what you need out of treatment. For example, if you suffer from OCD or anxiety, you might benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy. Our thoughts are powerful influences on how we think and feel. When you constantly have negative thought patterns, it can be exhausting and make you feel down. CBT is an excellent form of treatment that helps people change their negative thought patterns into positive ones. 

You can engage in cognitive behavioral therapy online. It not only works for anxiety, but CBT is excellent at treating depression. Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps people confront their depression and reframe self-destructive thoughts. When you change your thoughts, you can modify your mood and behavior. One of the main principles behind cognitive behavioral therapy is understanding cognitive distortions. This means your thoughts lack organization. A CBT therapist can teach you how your thoughts influence your emotional state and behavior. Cognitive distortions are assumptions that we make about situations and people that are detrimental to our wellbeing. For example, you might assume a friend is angry with you because you believe you know what they’re thinking without asking them. That is a cognitive distortion called “mind reading.’’ In cognitive-behavioral therapy, you will learn about these assumptions and how to reframe your thoughts. In a session with your online therapist, you can learn more about cognitive behavioral therapy and decide if it’s right for you. If not, there are many other forms of therapy that you can choose. All the providers are professional board-certified therapists who are ready to help you. 

Getting support helps your mental health.

BetterHelp is an affordable online therapy service that helps many people. Make sure to read the terms of service on the site as well as the privacy notice. That way, you’re informed about what to expect from BetterHelp. All your information is confidential. You can also download the BetterHelp app in the Google Play store or the Apple store. With technology expanding, it’s become easier to get help for your mental health. You would be surprised at how helpful talking to an online therapist can be. It’s freeing to speak to someone in the privacy of your home where you feel safe and at ease. If you’re considering online therapy, follow that instinct. What do you have to lose? You can give it a shot and see if it’s a good fit for you. Your mental health matters and online therapy can help you maintain it. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. 

Explore BetterHelp's mental health resources.

BetterHelp is not just an online therapy company. The counselors on BetterHelp are indeed licensed accredited mental health professionals, but it’s also a hub of wellness information. You can watch YouTube’s BetterHelp mental health channel, where experts in the field discuss psychological issues. The counselors on BetterHelp are licensed, trained mental health professionals. Their hands-on experience is valuable. By talking about mental health on the channel, they’re not promoting BetterHelp directly but rather sharing their wisdom about mental health topics. The same goes for the Advice column on the site. You can read about various topics in this section, such as the anxiety relationships cause us or how stress impacts the brain. Sometimes you don’t realize that you have struggles until you read about them. You might not see how much anxiety that relationships cause you until you read about romantic connections in the Advice section. There you can get guidance. In addition to the Advice section, you can read about the studies that show how effective online therapy is at treating mental health problems. People using BetterHelp experienced significantly reduced symptoms of depression. 

Are online therapists qualified to help me?

Suppose you’re curious about how people like the service. You can read a BetterHelp online therapy review. It’s good to see what others think about their experiences. When you read the reviews on BetterHelp, you’ll note how happy people are with their therapists. It’s because they’re getting quality treatment—users of BetterHelp experience working with support providers. The therapists who work through BetterHelp have exams, training, and practice in psychology. They are qualified and certified to help you. BetterHelp is known as the largest counseling service online. They only work for BetterHelp by completing the necessary education requirements to be a mental health provider. Online therapists have hundreds or thousands of hours of hands-on experience in the field. They have worked both online and face to face with clients. It’s crucial to see experienced and accredited therapists if you want to better your mental health. If you have a severe mental illness, you could benefit from online counseling, but it’s crucial to discuss your provider's symptoms. It may be that you need face-to-face treatment. 

Is it worth the cost?

When it comes to therapy of any kind, people worry about the cost. You want to be able to afford mental health treatment. It’s comforting to know that counseling through BetterHelp ranges in price to suit your needs. You can see a therapist once a week, billed monthly. It’s a quality service that’s worth the cost. Remember, you’re seeing mental health professionals, including accredited psychologists with Ph.D., PsyD, and clinical social workers LCSW or Professional Counselors LPC, to name a few. Don’t focus too much on the degree. As long as the individual is licensed to perform mental health services and gives you quality care, that’s what matters. Licensed Professional Counselors LPC can provide the same treatment level as a PsyD marriage and family therapist. All mental health providers at BetterHelp have relevant education exam training and are competent. They want to help you heal.

BetterHelp's Licensed Mental Health Professionals - Behind The Scenes

Licensed mental health professionals on the BetterHelp platform include: 

Psychologists - Ph.D | Psy.D
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists | LMFT 
Licensed Clinical Social Workers | LCSW 
Licensed Professional Counselors | LPC or similar credentials

Each mental health professional brings an expert set of skills into the online therapy environment. All therapy professionals who work on the platform have completed a rigorous clinical training program that combines education, hands-on training, and a dose of empathy for clients on the platform. 

BetterHelp clients report regular success as their lives begin to improve and they start making better, more informed decisions about the path their lives will take. The therapists who work on the BetterHelp platform are the same licensed mental health professionals that you would find in hospitals, clinics, private practices, and group practices offline. 

Many of these professionals opt to provide services online to supplement their growing practices and to make it easier for their clients to reach them for support online -- any time of the day or night. 

What conditions do the professionally trained counselors with a doctorate, LPC, or similar credentials treat online? 

The experienced and accredited counselors and therapists focus on depression, family conflicts, LGBTQ matters, grief, religion, and similar issues. It may surprise you to learn that BetterHelp counselors also treat issues surrounding addictions, eating, sleeping disorders, and related issues in addition to mental health therapy. 

Now that you know who the professionals behind the BetterHelp counseling service are (and what they treat), let’s look at how the platform works. 

Most people are nervous when they try something new for the very first time. Getting therapy online is no different. BetterHelp clients consistently find a reliable therapy platform to receive personal service tailored to their individual mental health-related needs. On an ever-growing platform operated by mental health professionals who care about their needs and help chronic mental health sufferers find relief. 

How to Get Affordable Therapy Online

Getting started on the platform is easy. A new client can register to receive personal service by downloading the free BetterHelp app to get started. The text, video, and chat app are available on Google Play and App Stores. Sessions with your counselor are conducted via a secure virtual private network using an internet-connected device like smartphones or tablets. Desktop users can also log in via Windows or Mac and chat with a live therapist online.

Once you’ve downloaded the free BetterHelp app, the next step is to answer a short questionnaire that provides your online therapist with an introduction to who you are and why you’re coming to therapy. 

After completing your questionnaire, you’re presented with a list of compatible therapists to choose from. Choose the therapist that best fits your needs from a list of accredited psychologists and other clinically trained counselors. Select the time that accommodates your current schedule, and you’re off! 

When it’s time for your session, you can log on to chat with your therapist via SMS messaging, live audio chat, or live video sessions using your desktop computer or other internet-connected devices like a smartphone or tablet. Therapists on the platform are flexible, making it easy to choose the option you feel most comfortable with. 

Compared to the costs of traditional in-office therapy, getting online therapy at BetterHelp is relatively inexpensive. Unlimited SMS messaging therapy plans are available for less than the cost of a typical in-office session. 

The national average cost of therapy in the United States is $65.00 - $200.00 or more, depending on cost-of-living and location factors. 

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