William Drake

Professional Experience

The bane and joy of William’s professional experience is that he has no niche. He has too many interests. For the past few years, he has earned money from acting, writing/editing/researching, and paralegal work. 

William works with the professional acting troupe the Improbable Players which is focused on educational theater. The several plays on the troupe detail aspects of drug addiction. The troupe performs for hospitals, schools, treatment centers, conventions, and at community events.

For paralegal work, his experience is limited to Great Lakes Cheese and a private practice. At GLC, he developed a records retention policy for the multi-billion dollar company. He has worked for Therese Sweeney Esquire for a few years in her private practice as a paralegal, assisting on a variety of documentation. 

Lastly, William has no focus on a specific area of writing. He has interviewed filmmakers at the Cleveland International Film Festival, edited Moments of Grace by Linda Manley, been published for fiction writing, and worked on even broader areas of writing.

For BetterHelp, the next adventure, William’s experiences with drug addicts is most relevant from his work with the community. His time with the Improbable Players and four years of personal sobriety have garnered insight into mental health. Substance use disorder is a massive mental health issue itself, but addicts have a diagnosable comorbid mental illness around 50% of the time. Thus, he is well experienced from his personal and professional life to discuss topics of mental health. 

Educational Background

William Drake holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from John Carroll University. JCU is ranked #4 in the Midwest by US News and World Report.

“My Philosophy on Mental Health & Wellness”

From my personal experiences with mental illness, I understand that mental illnesses are treatable and manageable. There is hope for all, no matter how far one sinks down. I hope to be part of the solution in expressing hope towards manageability and treatability for patients, family members, friends, coworkers, and the general community.

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