Tiffany Bailey

Professional Experience

Tiffany is a writer new to the authoring side of mental health on, though well-experienced with involvement in counseling and therapy and having extensive knowledge of mental illness and personality disorders. Her writing preferences tend to fall towards anger management, trauma, maternal and postpartum issues, anxiety, and personality disorders, all with the goal of increasing understanding of these issues and helping to provide information and guidance for those struggling with related health concerns.

Before full-time pursuing writing, Tiffany has worked on numerous projects, mainly focusing on graphic design and illustration for children’s books, has also published one children’s book of her own. For years, she has honed her skills by providing proofreading and editing services for everything from novels and documents to advertising and marketing. She has over a decade of experience in administration, as well as editing and composition for documents in the construction and general contracting fields.


Tiffany Bailey is a certified Computer Programmer after studying at Jefferson State Community College in Birmingham, Alabama, and also holds a career diploma in Medical Transcription from Penn Foster.

“My Philosophy on Mental Health and Wellness”

After having dealt with the confusion and stigma myself surrounding a previous diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder (and severe Post-Partum Depression) and a current ongoing diagnosis of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, I understand how overwhelming it can be trying to cope with something with so many factors and (previously) so little research and information on it besides the basics. I hope by digging for more on these subjects and compiling articles for BetterHelp that it will provide a good resource for those desperately seeking more information on their conditions and both their confirmed (or potential) diagnoses. The more complex and intense illnesses of the mind can cause so much damage to individuals, their lives, their friends, and their families that I’d like to contribute to helping these folks learn all they can about what’s going on inside of them and provide advice and options for what they can do to help better the situation.

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