Stephanie Kirby

Professional Experience

Stephanie Kirby is a freelance copywriter with a focus on content writing for several industries including mental health and wellness. While she does write under her own name at times, she specializes in ghostwriting for mental health professionals. She has written for mental health speakers, psychologists, life coaches, and several other mental health blogs and enjoys being the words behind the voice of their brands.

Stephanie has covered a wide range of topics in the mental health industry including anxiety, depression, stress, grief, bipolar disorder, psychosis, self-care, and confidence. Her passion for helping others motivates her to continue researching and writing on topics that can make an impact on peoples’ lives. She believes it’s important to get the information on mental health out in the world as many places as possible to help those suffering to know they are not alone.

Prior to becoming a copywriter, Stephanie worked as an office manager, business development assistant, and event planner. She has always had a strong focus on providing excellent customer service in every position she has been in. She ventured into the world of freelance writing to pursue a passion for research and writing she has had since grade school and discovered her passion for the mental health industry by telling her personal story.


What Stephanie lacks in formal education in the form of a college degree she makes up for in her passion to always be learning. She continues to educate herself in the world of writing and mental health through research, constant reading and connecting with others in the industry.

“My Philosophy on Mental Health & Wellness”

I believe that every person will experience challenges with their mental health at one point of their life or another to some degree. And, our mental health is directly linked with our physical health. That’s why it’s important that everyone be educated on self-care practices, how to recognize the signs of a problem, and provided with information on where they can seek help when needed.

In order to help people get the help they need, I believe that more people need to be willing to share their stories. Mental health challenges are no longer taboo and need to be brought into daily conversations without judgment and not just discussed when there is a tragedy, mass shooting, or suicide. We need to change the way we talk about mental health, so we can be a world that is healthier mentally and physically.

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