Stephanie Chupein

Professional Experience

It is Stephanie's sincere belief that we all grow and change within the context of our relationships.  Giving and experiencing love is our highest purpose in life and relationships give us the opportunity to grow as a person.  Due to our busy lifestyles, family history and lack of relationship skills, it is easy to fall into patterns that do not lift our relationships to the level we desire. 

Stephanie has been providing therapy from a family systems perspective for almost 25 years.  She has experience providing clinical and administrative leadership to mental health and child welfare programs.  Her areas of expertise are relationships, sexual issues, trauma and abuse, communication, mindfulness, meditation, self-compassion, and personal growth and development. 

She has a long history of knowledge and experience to put to good use as a writer, editor, and reviewer of mental health and relationship articles.  My practical yet compassion-based approach to therapy is equally important in the work of editing content for the internet.  It is important to me that articles are evidence-based while they support and encourage the dignity and worth of readers. 


M.Ed. - Counseling, Millersville University

Post Grad Certification Program - Family Systems Therapy, Temple University

"My Philosophy on Mental Health & Wellness"

Information is the first step in developing a strong and mature emotional state which leads to a sense of overall well being.  The mind-body-spirit connection is enhanced when we know ourselves, when we are well connected to those we love, and when we have a sense of compassion for ourselves and others.

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