Sarah Khan

Professional Experience

Sarah Khan grew up in a chaotic and broken home.  This chaos seemed to follow her through her development, as she wandered, without much guidance or any clue about what she wanted to do with her life.  She discovered a natural ability to relate to others and a desire to help people.  Taking a real interest in understanding the human mind and interpersonal relationships, during her time at Pace University she studied Applied Psychology and went on to work as a group counselor for a public program serving individuals living with mental disabilities. 

After Sarah moved on from counseling, she turned her focus towards research. She has been writing professionally ever since, working to provide resources that help provide insight on topics such as anxiety, depression, marriage, relationships, therapy, counseling, and more.  Sarah continues to nurture her passion for writing by creating articles for, a free resource providing information on various mental health and wellness related subjects. 

Educational Background

Sarah graduated from New York’s Pace University and holds degrees in Applied Psychology and Human Relations, English, and Philosophy. 

“My Philosophy on Mental Health and Wellness”

Coming from a Caribbean background, mental health was never something that was discussed.  Seeking help when unable to cope and discussing personal issues or struggles are not things traditionally highlighted within this culture.  I believe that we need to continue breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health.  Instead of viewing the need for help as a weakness, we need to emphasize the true inner strength it takes for an individual to allow themselves to be vulnerable. 

I struggled greatly as a young Caribbean woman, to find my place in the world and understand myself and my relationships.  We have to stop making others go through the same thing and empower people to take steps towards mental wellness.  My goal is to help others where I was not, by providing free source material that anyone can access from the privacy of their own homes, without feeling judged, ashamed, or embarrassed.  It is my hope that this material will inspire others to approach difficult topics without fear, and gain knowledge they can use to work towards personal wellness.

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