Russ Womack

Professional Experience

Russ Womack has been writing and editing for 20 years, covering all genres of works, including a wide variety of health-related topics. He currently contributes to writing articles for Regain. With a lifelong passion to address and educate the world on what mental health is, and a strong desire to remove the stigmas that the world places on mental health, he tirelessly researches and writes in an effort to eradicate the misconceptions, and to help others who are going through difficult times.

Russ is also a published author, specifically mental health-related novels. His first novel was written 37 years after his mom committed suicide when Russ was only 12 years old. Growing up in a tumultuous household with a mom who was institutionalized when Russ was 2 years old fostered a strong desire for Russ in his later years to research to understand his questions about mental health. That journey, although painful and vulnerable, gave Russ an unparalleled compassion for those who feel undeserving and unloved. Writing, editing, and giving speaking engagements on various topics of mental health has given Russ a purpose for the heartbreaking childhood he endured. He now takes the painful memories and transforms them into something healing and beautiful.

Prior to writing and editing on a fulltime basis, he worked for several companies in the healthcare and government industries while writing and editing on the side. Desiring to have more quality time with his kids and a dream to dedicate 100% effort into writing and editing, he decided to enter the world of freelancing. Through this, he has fulfilled his passion of helping others, fostering relationships, and encouraging those who feel they’re alone and misunderstood.

Educational Background

Russ Womack holds a degree of Bachelor of Arts in English (Writing Option) from California State University, Northridge, and a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Life Christian University. He plans to continue with his education by working toward a PhD in Theology.

"My Philosophy on Mental Health & Wellness"

Everyone is susceptible to experiencing mental health issues at some point in their life. One tragedy can drain a person of all hope. If we place conditions and stigmas upon the hurting, it only reinforces the shame and guilt they feel. We need to be graceful in our approach, loving in our words, and objective in our hearts, whether we understand mental health or not. We need to replace judgment with compassion, and talking to them with listening. This is where wellness flows and healing shines—in a safe place that is absent of condemnation or judgment, and filled with patience, love, and grace.

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