Nate Miller

Professional Experience

Nate has worked in government, healthcare, technology, and startups before launching his own technology company.  These positions have all been focused on sales and team leadership, requiring strong emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.

Nate Miller is an avid researcher with a keen eye for detail and a focus on writing comprehensive articles that make complicated ideas and systems understandable.  He believes that psychology, therapy, and counseling are crucial resources that help everyone live healthier and happier lives.  His work is dedicated to helping others understand what challenges they may be facing and the many opportunities they have to address them.

As a writer and researcher, Nate has covered dozens of topics, from consumer goods to technology and healthcare.  Having been behind the scenes for years in improving content across the internet, he jumped at the chance at regularly contributing content for improving quality of life for those in need.  His passion is to raise awareness of relationship issues we all face and how we can handle them responsibly.

Educational Background

 In addition to being a Regain contributor, Nate has a BA in Philosophy with a focus on Biology and the Philosophy of Emotions.  His studies into neuropsychology, philosophy of mind, and science overall help him to provide some insight into the complicated internal experiences we all go through every day. He also holds an MBA focused on social entrepreneurship, reflecting his dedication to finding practical solutions to societal issues in a humane way. 

“My Philosophy on Mental Health & Wellness”

Everyone has their unique perspective and experiences.  Everyone is struggling with one issue for another, and often times multiple competing priorities and desires.  By learning more about how psychology has laid out the structures of the mental and emotional worlds we all create, we can better understand ourselves and others.  These tools can help us make better choices, come to terms with our identity, and achieve more genuine relationships with our friends and family.  This is especially true when it comes to working in our romantic relationships.  If any of my writing helps people attain a sense of calm followed by new ability to make positive changes, then I have been successful. 

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