Mason Komay

Professional Experience

Mason Komay began pursuing his passion for writing at age 17 when he was accepted into Northern Michigan University. While he had initially planned to major in English Writing, he began acquiring and developing an array of skills in copywriting, SEO, and content writing. Not long after this, he decided to put off college in order to devote his time to further educate himself in the online writing community.

Over the past 2 years, Mason has covered topics related to e-commerce, print-on-demand, CBD manufacturing, and mental health. Throughout his career, he has had several online publications, from engaging blog posts to informational articles. In April 2019, he published his own copywriting course on and has since had over 1,200 enrollments.

Mason intends to continue progressing as an online writer and is currently developing his personal website to sell his own copywriting services.

Educational Background

Mason attended 3 different facilities during his high school career. In May 2017, he graduated with his peers from Carney-Nadeau High School. Though he was enrolled in Northern Michigan University in 2017 and The Salon Professional Academy in 2018, he ultimately turned down both paths in order to begin a full-time career as an independent copywriter.

“My Philosophy on Mental Health & Wellness”

Throughout my early childhood, I struggled with severe ADHD while watching my family suffer through depression and anxiety. Due to my experiences in the past, I have a moral obligation to deliver passionate mental wellness articles in order to help others conquer their own mental obstacles. I aim to fully educate those who are confused about what’s going on inside their head and to encourage them to take the proper steps for care and wellness. I consider it a privilege to be able to contribute guidance and reassurance to those who need it most.


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