Lydian Shipp

Professional Experience

Lydian Shipp is a professional medical writer and travel blogger and is currently a contributing writer for the Advice section of, where she shares research and expertise on mental health and wellness subjects. She has been a freelance writer for 5+ years, focusing on a diverse range of subjects encompassing everything from spirituality to technology to alternative health and healing. She’s always looking to learn, and her writing gives her the perfect opportunity to explore new topics.

Lydian has worked in artistic, musical, and theatrical capacities with people from all different walks of life and of all different ages. Most of her knowledge of psychology and mental health comes from her experiences working with people in a hands-on way in these creative settings. Her work as the assistant director of a Halloween festival gave her insight into and a unique perspective on the human psyche. As a language teacher, Lydian investigated the way that people learn and gained knowledge about the psychology of children.  

Educational Background

Lydian Shipp attended Mid-Plains Community College from 2014-2017, graduating summa cum laude with a degree in business and graphic design. In 2016 she received an Arabic language certification from Cairo University in Egypt, and in 2017 she studied with CIEE to receive her TEFL certification.

Lydian has always had an intense fascination with health (both mental and physical). Her interest in these subjects led her to pursue certifications in numerous healing modalities, including hypnotherapy, Reiki, and biomagnetism. She was a co-writer of a book about alternative cancer cures. 

“My Philosophy on Mental Health and Wellness”

I’m a strong believer in communication. Without communication, it’s difficult to know what to do in order to take action and solve problems. This is especially true in relationships and with mental health. If you had a homework problem or you needed help building a house, you would have to communicate to get the help and support that you needed. I believe that the same is true with mental health and wellness. 

It’s my opinion that we all have the power to change and grow as long as we have the information and resources to do so. Some people need more support than others due to particularly difficult situations. But we all need help from other people. Humans are social creatures, it’s impossible to do anything on earth completely by oneself; we need each other, and it’s when we face mental health and relationship conflicts that we need each other the most.

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