Lisa Childers

Professional Experience

Lisa has spent the past 25 years working within the field of social work. She has worked for both the public and private sector in Illinois, Iowa, Maine, and Florida in the areas of foster care, family reunification, adoption, family preservation, domestic violence, sexual assault, family stabilization, mental health, and LGTQ+ related matters. Her work in these areas has included both direct service and supervisory roles.

Lisa’s areas of clinical interest and experience include, but are not limited to: addictions, adoption, anxiety, blended family issues, codependency, conflict resolution, crisis management, depression, divorce/separation, eating disorders, family systems, LGBTQ+, mindfulness, parenting, PTSD, self-esteem, stress management, trauma and abuse, weight management, and women’s issues.

Lisa holds clinical social work licenses in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and North Dakota and currently works full time providing clinical and case management services to uninsured and under insured adults in a community health clinic setting. In addition, Lisa has been providing online messaging and video therapy since April 2016.

Educational Background

Lisa graduated from Illinois State University with a B.S. in Social Work in 1994. After gaining some life and professional experience, she then pursued an M.S. in Social Work with a specialization in Child Welfare and graduated in 2004. Lisa has also completed some coursework towards a M.S. in Non-Profit Leadership, but was unable to complete this program due to the emerging needs of her own family.

“My Philosophy on Mental Health and Wellness”

First and foremost, Lisa believes that she is just as human as the next person and makes efforts to truly walk beside you in the therapy process. She operates from the belief that every person is one step away from creating or falling victim to those issues that typically bring people to the need for therapy. She is not shy about the fact that every person, including herself, can benefit from therapy in some way and that she engages in therapy herself.

Lisa believes that the relationship between the provider and the client is paramount; that mutual trust and respect are key. She strives to create an environment and relationship with her clients

that allows them to breathe a little easier, feel safe in expressing themselves and their emotions, and that there isn’t any issue that cannot be brought up in therapy. As she says, “If you can’t talk about it with your therapist, then who?”

Her goal is to support and empower you to identify and address life's issues and face them head-on; to help you to learn how to cope with and manage life stresses so that they are not controlling you and overtaking your life. She operates from a person centered and family systems perspective through the use of cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, mindfulness based therapy.

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