Lindsay Hamilton

Professional Experience

Lindsay is a freelance writer and blogger for many fields including mental health, insurance, and marriage and family. Her focus is on people, wanting to help explain difficult topics in ways that are easy to understand. Her writing can be found in The Mighty, Vocal, Medium, and Advantage Biz Magazine.

Before freelancing full time, Lindsay worked for 4 years as an Account Manager for brokerage firms, assisting businesses navigate the stressful task of buying health insurance for themselves and their employees.

Along with freelance writing, Lindsay is working on a novel and runs a person blog titled Heart Meets World. You can find out more about her and her projects by visiting

Educational Background

Lindsay Hamilton has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English as well as a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Stetson University, the oldest university in the state of Florida.

"My Philosophy on Mental Health & Wellness"

Around the age of 11 or 12, I was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Anxiety. If my parents hadn’t understood that I needed help, I never would have gotten the therapy I needed to function as a student and then as a fully-fledged member of society. I highly recommend therapy to anyone who is struggling, whether you have a mental disorder or need someone to talk to.

Having a resource like Regain is invaluable because of the accessibility. So many people are too shy or scared to meet a therapist in person, but having a space to write out how they’re feeling might make them brave enough to try. I’m proud to use my gift of writing to show people the many different ways they can take care of their mental health.

Website & Social Media

Connect with Lindsay online through her website or Twitter.

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