Jenny Chang

Professional Experience

As a lover of solo traveling, Jenny originally produced city guides and travel articles for blogs and online publications such as Lucire Magazine before delving into mental health. She is the creator and blogger of mental well-being website The Lilac Road, an online space dedicated to promoting and empowering both women and men’s mental health. She is currently contributing to BetterHelp’s free mental health advice page, with a special interest in the areas of depression, anxiety, and relationships.

Jenny is also skilled in administration and has experience teaching English to business professionals, teenagers, and children in Thailand, where she lived for a number of years. She is now based in Wellington, New Zealand. 

Educational Background

Jenny has a religious and biblical-theological education and holds a Certificate in Christian ministry at Elim Leadership College in Auckland, New Zealand.

She is also trained and qualified in teaching English as a foreign language and holds a certificate with distinction at The TEFL Academy.

“My Philosophy on Mental Health and Wellness”

Having personally struggled with depression and anxiety for many years, I know just how debilitating mental illness can be on your relationships, well-being, and happiness. I also know that healing is always possible, no matter how difficult the situation may be.

I believe that mental health is of the utmost importance and should be a priority in everyone’s life because that is the place where true happiness and peace can flourish. My personal mission is to not only encourage and empathize with those who are struggling with mental illness but to also help them find the tools they need to heal and thrive in life.

It is my hope that we can one day live in a world where people can talk about mental health freely and positively, and where the people who need help the most can easily find it.

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