Corrina Horne

Profession Experience

Corrina Horne has worked as a freelance writer and editor for over six years, dabbling in a wide variety of subjects and formats. Her passion, however, resides within the health and wellness fields, and she strives to create content that is both informative and welcoming, to remove the embarrassment often associated with topics relating to mental health.

Corrina has found healing in multiple therapies, including EMDR, CBT, and an asana practice, and is passionate about improving symptoms of anxiety and the ailments that often accompany it. Corrina hopes to create content that encourages a holistic approach to health, encompassing all parts of the body and mind.

Education Background

Corrina graduated with a BA degree in English Literature from Southern Utah University, completing her college career as a member of Sigma Tau Delta and receiving the distinction of graduating summa cum laude. Though her passion for writing was sparked in childhood, it was her time as a teaching assistant that truly cemented her love of editing and working with other writers to create powerful, high-quality content. 

“My Philosophy on Mental Health and Wellness”

I believe that mental health issues are often symptomatic of lifestyle ailments, and may signal a need for lifestyle overhauls and changes. In an increasingly sped-up, over-stimulating world, I believe mental health is on a corresponding decline, and a return to more simple, slowed-down living is a step in the right direction. Following my first child’s diagnosis with autism, I dove headfirst into researching ways to create more calm and peace in my environment, and have experienced healing in my journey to make life a more peaceful, grounding experience for my son.

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