Christie LeBeau

Professional Experience

Christie works in private practice working with a diverse population of adults. She is what some refer to as a Jungian or Rogerian therapist, meaning she utilizing therapeutic treatment models that promote self-awareness and believing in the strength of the client, not pathologizing. Christie specializes in helping individuals discover their emotions, express, and manage them. She also works with couples to help them untangle their emotional distress and enhance emotional expression in their relationship; relationships she works with are marriage, parent-child, siblings, even professional colleague relationships. Christie also works with a local hospice center and counsels family members after they have lost a loved one in through hospice care. Before becoming a therapist, Christie was a public school teacher; mostly middle school science but then ended her career working with gifted children and focusing on their social-emotional needs; these are the only children she accepts into her therapy practice. To continue to be involved in education, Christie continues to supervise student teachers through UNLV. She focuses on developing the personal growth and self-awareness as part of the student teaching process. It is clear that the emotional well-being and stability of people is a passion of Christie’s and she focuses on that in her varied work arenas. In 2019, Christie will begin supervising therapist interns to continue to promote mental health quality care in her community.


Christie LeBeau Earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education at the University of Michigan, a top-ranked school. She earned a Master’s of Art in Health Promotion from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas – in this program she created wellness programs for adult workers to prevent work-related stress, an obesity reduction program for teens, and focused her studies in the counseling components of health promoting. Christie has a second Master’s degree of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Capella University (a COAMFTE accreditation -this is the top accreditation for MFT degrees); at Capella, she maintained a 4.0GPA throughout the program and graduated with honors. Christie continues her education through attending training in emotion-focused therapy, Gottman Method, Internal Family Systems, grief models, expressive arts work, and most recently doing the coursework to becoming a Daring Way certified facilitator to teach and spread the work of Brene Brown research on shame and vulnerability. In addition to studying therapeutic models and approaching, she is a student of the Enneagram for both personal and professional growth.

"My Philosophy on Mental Health & Wellness"

As my business name states, LeBeau (the beautiful in French) Possibilities, I believe therapy is a beautiful process. I aim to normalize, validate, and provide a safe place for people to find their own path to their unique perfect health. I frequently use mental health articles to support my work in normalizing and validating one’s struggle; I think it helps for there to be many articles on the same topic for a person to find the one that relates to them or their experience. I am proud to be part of a community that is assuring quality mental health articles are available in plenty.

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