Ashley Alexander

Professional Experience 

Ashley Alexander has over 7 years of experience providing direct services and advocating for individuals experiencing mental health crises and their families.

Ms. Alexander holds professional counseling licenses in Virginia and the District of Columbia. She is recognized as a National Certified Counselor with experience primarily with trauma-focused interventions. When not serving clients, Ms. Alexander works to reduce mental health stigma through social media. She maintains a Twitter account with the objective of curating a space for increasing resources and knowledge around living with mental health disorders with a special focus on individuals of color. She is excited about opportunities to collaborate and foster more discussion of mental health in this community and society as a whole.


Ashley Alexander holds a Master in Education degree from The George Washington University in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Her undergraduate major was Psychology and she received her education from Spelman College.

“My Philosophy on Mental Health & Wellness”

Mental health should be tended to with regularity. One cannot merely treat the physical form and neglect the mental and spiritual aspects of humanity. Too many individuals suffer in silence or try to go it alone. There is no shame in seeking support until you can independently manage your mood. I see my role as that of partner, rather than guide. I do not presume to be all-knowing. I am equipped with a knowledge base and can draw from personal experience which I use to educate and empower others to achieve optimum outcomes.

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