Alicia Fiske

Professional Experience

Alicia has worked professionally in a variety of settings from inpatient treatment to short-term crisis work and currently holds an LMSW licensure. She began early in her career with a focus on trauma in childhood sexual abuse, and after leaving her first, post-graduate school position she decided to commit to specializing while working at an outpatient facility. From there she worked in the school system to fill in the gap in mental health services. 

Alicia has been through ample trauma training and has taken Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy training as well. Alicia is currently working to complete a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional program. She believes that continued career and educational advancement is extremely important. Alicia's most recent position is as an online therapist through the BetterHelp platform. 


Alicia Fiske completed her Bachelor of Social Work degree at Saginaw Valley State University in 2013, and immediately pursued a Master of Social Work degree at Michigan State University. Her graduate degree program was clinical in focus, and during that time she completed an internship at a rehab for both adults and adolescents. This sparked her interest in working in the trauma field. Upon completion of her MSW program, she obtained her limited license and began her professional career. 

"My Philosophy on Mental Health & Wellness" 

My experience with trauma has greatly impacted the way I view health and wellness. I believe that it is a full body experience and that every aspect of self-has to be recognized in order to achieve wellness. Therapy is one way to achieve this, but it's more than that. With greater awareness, we can all be more in-tune with mind and body, and more fully attend to our needs. My work through BetterHelp allows me to further my efforts in breaking down the stigmatization of mental health, and this is a huge step forward in wellness as a society. 

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